What tools are you using for a proper keyword research?

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What tools are you using for a proper keyword research?

Hey guys, when it comes to extensive keyword research, what kind of tools are you using to find those diamonds in the coal mine?

I always start with Google Adwords - Keyword Planner tool, export everything to excel where I categories by filtering everything. Depending on my main findings, I continue with ubersuggest to find some extra keywords which again I run them back through keyword planner. Another filtering/export and I usually finish.

What is your process for keyword research?


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Hey Chrstian, I posted a similar topic recently. I use Jaaxy keyword tool. It costs $19 a month and I love it. I've been using it for over a year now and I have no complaints.I'm ranking really well.

My process for keyword research is quite simple. I get an idea for a post, I search for long tail keywords that are low hanging fruit... then when I find some that look good I do competitor analysis and see what I am up against and then I decide on the keywords I will use.

Obviously that is just the starting point to page 1 rankings...

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Have to admit this is the first time I hear about Jaaxy keyword tool. Just created a trial account. The first problem I have with it is the lack of regional selection for Keyword. Most of my clients have non-english websites so I would like to select a language and country, just like in keyword planner.

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As Lynne mentioned we discussed this topic in her discussion here a few days ago -

Like I said over there there are a good number of keyword research tools one could try out. Some are at a cost and others are free. Evidently the ones for which you pay tend to be more accurate, but there is no harm in trying to see what others suggest as long as they are free.

I think you are on the right track with your method. It is a well thought out way to find good keywords.

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Hi Cristian thanks for your question. I think regarding this topic discuss previously on community discussion. I should say for research proper keywords, Google keyword planner my first choose and I do not want to compare other any tools with such great tools like Google keywords planner. This toll is very easy and simple to research any keyword deathly. I only used Google keyword planner tool when I need to SEO research. But you will see many more keyword research tools online. here some example:? Keyword Eye, Serpstat, Keyword Suggestion Tool, Keyword IO, Wordstream, SEO Book many more. Again for me Google keyword planner is ever best.

Regards by Ajlancer

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