How to create a Wordpress theme for a blog?

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How to create a Wordpress theme for a blog?

Please give me tips on how to create a Wordpress theme for a blog. It should be customized and easy to make changes to the theme.


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Well to create a WordPress theme is no easy task for a complete newbie! There are many guides and tutorials and videos and things out there that have been made to help you do it and can walk you through the process. However the first thing you should really do is get your head well and truly into the WordPress Codex for Theme Development. It breaks down every part of creating a theme from the Anatomy to the Styling, Functions, Hooks, Classes, Menus, Widgets and just about everything else that makes a good WP theme, good.

To be honest, it's quite a steep and involved learning curve. And while you will probably be able to make a fairly basic theme at first, if you want lots of features such as mobile friendly responsiveness, customization, compatibility, theme options, social media integration and the like, you will have to do a lot of reading and learning on how to do all of that. Fortunately, there really is a ton of stuff out there that can help with that. Just do a Google search for "how to create a wordpress theme" you'll find literally millions of webpages and videos that show you how it's done and walk you through the process.

Sorry for not putting more here on how it's actually done but it would take a very long time to do and there are so many ins and outs to it all that the best advice I can give anyone that wants to get into making their own WP themes is to do this first and brush up and get up to speed with how it all actually takes place. What the minimum things required are etc and what else you might need and that.

I think there are some free web courses you can take part in actually that walk you through the process of creating your first WP theme in an interactive way. They even provide some sample files you can download and change and build on the go as you learn like. I can't remember what it is now but there are some WordPress Tutorials here that link to it I think. But I would suggest taking some time to study the WordPress Codex first as knowing that and how everything works with each other will really help you along the way!

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How to create a theme?? Scratching my head in confusion.... I just add a free theme to my Wordpress blog and hop along How to create a Wordpress theme for a blog?

Something pretty and easy to use. Yes I know, I have a lot to learn!

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Creating wordpress theme from scratch it's not easy, i'd suggest download free wp themes and try to edit them as you need. However, if you really want to learn how to build them, search on youtube because is full with tutorials at any kind.

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Creating a WordPress theme from scratch is not simple at all, and I would rather choose one from the numerous ones available than try to create one myself. Besides if you are looking for advanced features and customization, it gets more complicated than ever. As the others suggested you may wish to look up a video that explains this so as to see for yourself how difficult and time consuming it could end up being.

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