What does it mean by unique 50 affiliate?

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What does it mean by unique 50 affiliate?

I have more than 700 sales but still i am level 3 seller. To be a a level 4 seller, i need to 50 unique affiliate sale .But what does mean by affiliate? Is it Seoclerks service? I am confused. Please help. Thanks.


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An affiliate sale is when you promote any service using your affiliate link(s). You can add your affiliate link to your services and you can even make sales promoting other members services!

How it works: when a visitor clicks on your affiliate link and then signs up to become a new member they then become your customer for life. This means that you'll earn 10% on all of their purchases. This affiliate program is by far the best because it allows you to build up a customer base and earn steady money. To get started, promote on social media, forums or anywhere that has a lot of people. It is important to also choose the correct niche when promoting. Find good distribution channels to get you links, banners, text ads seen by a lot of people and you will start getting affiliate sales.

Stick with it and don't give up! Always track what is working to produce signups and sales and your inbox will fill up fast with a bunch of affiliate sales messages and you'll earn some nice commissions! See below
What does it mean by unique 50 affiliate?

If you would like some more tips send me a PM.

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Hi SEORP thanks for your question. I understand your issue. Now you are level 3 seller and it is meaning that you fill all require for level 3. But, there has more level like level 4 and level 5. If you want to get level 4 or level 5 you must to afford 50 unique affiliate sale for level 4 and 100 unique affiliate sale for level 5 besides other requirements you need to fill. I am going to tell you more clearly what 50 unique sale. For example: you have 100 affiliate members but only 5 and 6 person purchased service several times like 700 times as your said. It is meaning that you just got 5 or 6 unique sale from your affiliates. One affiliate member can buy 10 times or 50 times or 100 times. It will count only one unique sale. If 50 affiliate member buy 50 times, that will count 50 unique sale. Even if one affiliate member buy 1 times that will count 1 unique sale.

I hope you now understand

Regards by Ajlancer

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I think i got the point,thank you so much everyone for help me.

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