Why Should I Become An Seoclerks affiliate?

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Why Should I Become An Seoclerks affiliate?

If you're still asking your self why you should become Seoclerks affiliate or why you should promote and sell someone else's service for a percentage, then read this...

In the past I tried many different affiliate programs in order to earn more money on the internet and / or monetize my websites and time spent in promoting affiliate links. Well every effort did make some money, BUT from my long experience i never found a better affiliate program than the one SeoClerks has!

I was trying Amazon, Clickbank and many many different ways to make money. Some of them offer a higher percentage and sound very interesting, but they just did not work for me so good compared to the time and effort I was investing into them.

When i started as an Seoclerks freelancer and after as an affiliate I noticed one very big difference between the Seoclerks affiliate program and all the others and from my previous experience I was able to make nice sum of money as affiliate here.

The difference is that with other affiliate programs you need to refer a buyer for a specific product in order to earn your cut, while with Seoclerks you need to refer a new member as your affiliate and all future purchases he / she makes, you'll get 10% out of every purchase they make. So, if you have just one active affiliate referred it can make you money again and again. How good is that? Well that's AWESOME!!! I love it!!! Do you?

So without any doubts, get affiliated with Seoclerks as soon as possible if you haven't yet, you can thank me later for reminding you. GOOD LUCK


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SeoClerks affiliate program is one of the best I've seen in a long time. Offering 10% for life is like no other marketplace out there. Hell, I've only ran into a few websites that are recently offering a recurring commission for their sales.

Offering 10% recurring commissions from any person you refer is AMAZING! If someone were to refer 100 people and those 100 people each spent $10 (which is very likely), you'd get a commission of $30 for that day. Now some people will read that and say "Well $30 isn't much at all! I can't do anything with that!" I want to tell you that if you can refer enough people to make $30 a day then you can make $900 your first month. And what if you keep going, you can make another $900 next month from your new sign ups and $900 from your past sign ups, totaling $1,800 that month. And that's just $10 per purchase! I know people who spend hundreds on website services each month and you can get a cut of that if you just refer the right people Why Should I Become An Seoclerks affiliate?

After a year of getting 100 sign ups and $30 a day from those sign ups, you'll get a compiled profit of $64,530.

That's almost $65,000 for sending people to SeoClerks and not having to talk to a single person during that year Why Should I Become An Seoclerks affiliate? People would kill for job like this, but unfortunately not many people know about it Why Should I Become An Seoclerks affiliate?

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SEOClerks Affiliate Program is actually a very innovative and "outside the box" affiliate program. Like already mentioned, you earn 10% commission on every sale for life which is totally mind blowing but that's not all, not by a long-shot! If you meet the requirements to level up and become a user level 4 you'll earn 1% extra on all affiliate sales too. (Level 5 equals 2% extra and is the highest user level you can reach to enable more affiliate commission.)

The best part is, that everyone is affiliated automatically and there's no need to meet any requirements or to send in any applications! (Join SEOClerks and you're affiliated.)

As an extra icing on this fabulous cake, you can even earn 100% of your own affiliate sales! (Minus fees.)
Fees are between 5-10% and cover the inbound and outbound payment charge issued by SEOClerks payment processors.

Requirements to earn 100% of your own affiliate sales:
-You refer someone using your affiliate id.
-Your affiliate purchase your own service on the marketplace.
-The order must be $5 or more.
-The affiliate cannot be linked to you in any way.

Enough said, join me and many others. Start spreading your affiliate id today and welcome your passive income!

Best Regards,

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Affiliate marketing, as you might probably know already, is a multi-billion dollar industry and it’s by far the best way to monetize your website or blog.
SEOclerks affiliate program give us such great opportunity for all seller and buyer. And they provide huge commission for affiliate like 10%. I never see such commission provide other same type of marketplace. Even If I compare with amazon. Amazon just give 4 to 10 percent commission basis on minimum to maximum sell. But here SEOclerk is the best and they provide 10% commission even you starter and this should be life time. But other marketplace offer for few month not for lifetime.
So, if any buyer join under your affiliate program, and if he purchase anything from this market place, you will get commission 10% anytime and for forever.
For affiliation, SEOclerks provide code and different type of banner to use for promotion your affiliate code. Beside, you can use some affiliate store for increasing your affiliate sale. Even you can promote your own service as affiliate.

Why you will do or join SEOclerks affiliate program?

>Provide best commission for lifetime as 10%
I just give a strategy how you can gain?
If your affiliate member buy 10 services for $ 10 each and you will get $20 each day and $600 in a month
And if your affiliate member buy 10 services for $20 each and you will get $40 each day and $1200 in a month.
And it will carry forward for lifetime after each purchase by your affiliate

> Very reliable and easy to promote your affiliate link

> Facilities for all even buyer or seller
Note: Here so many buyers and sellers including myself promoting affiliate and earning much more money each month. So why not you? It just awesome program by SEOclerks

Thanks by ajlancer

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Yeah, HitMeasap is right, i forgot to mention leveling up above level 3 with affiliation. Nice to see your Level X5 hitmeasap as a living proof how it can be or should be done.

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Thank you anwebservices. I can't tell if what I've done is "the way" to do it, but I have managed to reach Level X5 and I've been an X5 user for a long time now. When I first reached X it felt amazing and suddenly out of the blue, I was promoted to Level X5. Ever since, there's always a smile on my face whenever I visit SEOClerks. It's truly a superb feeling and I'd recommend everyone to do their best to reach it. Not only for the benefits that comes with a higher user level but also to get another extra "boost" and a symbol of your own greatness. Anyone can and everyone should try to meet the requirements needed to level up their SEOClerks accounts. It's powerful and it feels great!

Kind Regards,

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I know what you mean and i know that feeling with smile whenever you log in to Seoclerks, specially when you see affiliate balance jumped up Why Should I Become An Seoclerks affiliate?

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The SeoClerks affiliate program is indeed one of the best ones as 10% commission is a good rate, especially if you were to compare it to what other programs are offering. Besides it is really easy to promote your affiliate link as there is a code or a banner readily available to make use of. It is something that I have not given much thought yet to be honest but I have checked it out and want to try it out as soon as I have some free time. I have read several positive reviews about the SeoClerks affiliate program and I certainly want to make good use of it as soon as possible. Thanks for the reminder.

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