What's the most unique or amazing way to get blog traffic?

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What's the most unique or amazing way to get blog traffic?

Many years ago, I had a very small informal blog where I listed free educational resources online. And, one day, I found this amazing free paint program (not the one you're thinking about) and listed it with a really nice review. It was a paint program for kids, something which was pretty rare back in the day. My child enjoyed using the program a lot and I had nothing but rave reviews about it.

After my review was posted on my blog, I moved on to list other freebies daily and didn't think anything else about it.

Then one day, the owner/creator of that software showed up and commented how grateful he was that people were getting the word out about his software. He was just deliriously happy. And, I found this to be true for most of the people that I was reviewing.

Most of these software or resources were not well known, linked to or talked about and having exposure on another person's blog must have felt like validation to them for all that hard work.

Over time, people were linking to me as a way of saying thanks and also because the posts contained so many good resources. This was before everyone really started using link bait as a way to get backlinks. I think it is still pretty effective now.

I'm not saying that I was getting tens of thousands of daily visitors from this one traffic technique but it was a good steady stream.

If you have a unique or unusual way to get blog traffic, please tell me as I'm always interested in learning more about blogging and traffic generation.


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Finding reviews about your product, website and/or service are always great. Whenever I find these positive reviews I'll always put them into my SEO campaign. I'll just use the URL, I won't focus on commenting on the page at all. I'll add the URL into my list of other pages that have positive content about my website, product or service and build links to them in order to rank them for keywords like " review" so that whenever someone does a search for " review" they will see other websites talking about how great my website is What It's a tricky technique, but it works very well at increasing conversions. I know this because I'll see that the last website a buyer visitied was one that has positive content about us and I had built backlinks to ;)

Another great source of traffic that I like is finding advertising on websites that may not think of offering ad spots. I'll find these websites by searching popular keywords in my niche and picking websites that may not be as popular as the big guys. I'll then shoot over an email either through a contact form or use the email listed on the homepage. It will just be a short and sweet type of email like this:

"Hi there,

I was wondering if you offered any type of ad placement on your website. My website is and I'm very interested in paying you for an ad spot on a monthly basis What

If you do have advertising spots, can you tell me what they are and how much for each position?

Thank You,

(Your Full Name Here)"

By doing that short and sweet email I've gotten my ad on websites that didn't offer advertising and since they aren't sure about advertising you can usually get your banner on there for pretty cheap ;) In the past I've paid $20-$30 for a banner ad on a niche related website and I made $1,000 off of it What Not a bad ROI, right? That's $20-$30 a month and I made $1,000 a month off of it ;)



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That's great Bev, I once had a Blogspot blog about cashback shopping. I was writing reviews of all the top cashback sites you could use to earn money with (even if you didn't do any online shopping through them). Some cashback sites would work like survey sites in that you could do things on them to earn money with as well as earn money by referring people to the site. One of the biggest cashback sites I used to use for that was Mr. Rebates (maybe you've heard of it). I used to get a lot of referrals for it by people who would shop shop shop! And that used to earn my recurring affiliate commissions. Then one day, I put something on my blog about mobile phone recycling and started seeing that it was getting a lot of traffic from the search engines. So I took advantage of that and started putting more and more stuff about it, about the different mobile recycling companies you could use to sell/recycle your old mobile phone with for cash. That's when I decided to upscale it and created my first websites on mobile phone recycling which are still up today! I earned a nice amount from them and then flipped them eventually just after it started dying down so got out early while the going was good. They're still up today but that niche is mostly dominated by the big boys like Mazuma and Envirofone now.

The point is, I was one of the first people/blogs to be talking/writing/blogging about something that was new and that can go a long way if you're one of the first sites up about a new niche or growing trend in the world and are talking/blogging about it. Sites that are the first to talk about new things, (even if they're not an authority site and are a new site with not much authority yet), can still rank high for those things if you're one of the first to use the keywords that are connected to that new thing/niche on your blog. So keeping an eye on new trends and fashions and things and then being one of the first sites/blogs to talk/blog about that new thing can result in your site being referenced/found first in the SERPs for it. That can then go on to get your site/blog more traffic than just about any other off-page traffic generation method. What

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About 60 percent traffic to my blogs and websites come from Google. In order to improve Google traffic, I have to optimize my blogs and websites for Google search. I do this by using focus keywords, backlinks, social signals, user-friendly design and improving site loading speed. After Google facebook and twitter are my two major traffic sources. I always promote my links on facebook and Twitter,. I have pages for my blogs and websites on facebook and I use these pages for promotion. I also have twitter accounts for my blogs and websites.

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Most of the traffic now comes from search engines that’s why SEO methods are getting to be the trend for website owners. For getting traffic in another way, perhaps the promotion of the website in social media with a color of controversy will do the trick. If you remember the calamities that hit the world like the earthquakes and floods, there were some websites that were promoting a controversial issue like the funds for the calamity victims were being pocketed by the organizers. But that’s only in the spiel in social media. When you click the link, the website has no controversial issues.

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