How Do You Measure Your Success?

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How Do You Measure Your Success?

When I first started, I measured my success against how well I was doing compared to others in the same niche. I checked how many sales I'd got and how many sales they had and all that.. And honestly, it made me upset and I felt like the Loser with the big L.

Nowadays, when I have been in this for a while, I see things in another perspective. I measure my success by comparing everything to myself. To my "former" self so to speak.

What did I do last week? How much money did I make? How many new clients did I get?

The next week after that, I'll just try to compete with myself and try to break my own records.

How do you measure your success? What traps have you fallen into?

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When it comes to working I am quite optimistic and I do not give up easily. At first I used to earn far less than nowadays. However I did not feel demotivated. I kept persisting and getting more skilled, and now I have come quite far. I have numerous clients who order from me regularly, others who order often, and above all what I feel most satisfied about it that I managed to do well in terms of customer satisfaction. It is not only about the money, but about the fulfillment you get when a client is really happy with the service you offer.

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You can't measure true success because some success is sky high and there isn't a yardstick that's long enough to measure it! How Do You Measure Your Success?

Seriously though, there's lots of ways to measure success. It could be from something as small and simple as getting a new order today or getting a positive review/rating from your last one. Or perhaps getting better ranking positions in Google by another 2 results. All these things can be considered successful. But to me, true success would be getting a website ranking #1 in Google for a keyword that gets 500k searches a day or something. That would be pretty hard to do overnight let alone any length of time. That's why you always have to try new things, reach out and put your fingers into other pies. Don't put all your eggs into one basket!

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HI hitmeasap thanks for nice question. Successes depend on task to task and plan to goal. I mean individual plan to overall success. But, everything up to achieving goal. For example: you have created a service and you have got expected 10 clients and got enough sale. So, for that project you can say success and other side may fail. But, I am not measuring success all times by task to task, And as whole I measure what I did over some past years and what I achieved considering with satisfactory. For example if you asking me as freelancer am I success or not? My simple answer, Yes! I am successful freelancer and I achieved my goal. Because, my freelancing target now full fill. What I was expecting more than 7 years before and I will become as a such level, I mean present level.

Regards by Ajlancer

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Success for me is a lot more than about making sales and having money. It is about having the time to spend my money and enjoy it with my family. It is about being able to spend time with my children.

Being a drug addict and alcoholic, nearly 8 years clean every day that I stay away from narcotics and alcohol is a success and something to be grateful for.

Happiness is success, because I know how hard life can be.

Then of course money, sales and career stuff does feature of course but for me it takes a back seat to the other things. I like what you said about not comparing yourself to others. I find that when I do this I feel like I am lacking in a lot of aspects. When I strive to better myself every day and just compare my achievements to the day before I am a lot more satisfied with my life and everything in it.

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Well, I measure success based upon the amount of time I have for things. Is it interesting, success equaling time? Also, as Lynne said, "Happiness is success". I agree with that also, and think once you're happy you can do things you actually want to do, and for that to occur you must have time to do it. It's an odd way to see things, but it somehow makes sense to me.

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I measure my success by comparing my 9 to 5 job income with my freelancing income. The lower the difference between the two, the higher my success. My aim is to have an income that matches my 9 to 5 job so that would be successful to me. I do look at what my competitors do and try to learn from them but at the same time, try to exceed them but the more important measure of success is the income, I am getting. Comparing yourself to your competitors can be depressing at time but also motivates you because you want to beat them and that motivates you to work harder.

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For me, success is measured by the satisfaction you get from what you are doing. Money is the primary consideration, of course, but enjoyment is also a big factor. Like my freelancing now, I earn very little but since I enjoy then I consider myself as successful somehow in that endeavor.

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