what does google pagerank measure ?

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what does google pagerank measure ?

I want to know 1 thing here that what does Google page-rank measure .
in the most most of discussions told that quality bank-links .where should i get these back-links &
if buy from seo website that will be black hat . and tha similar web sites are not interest to give a back link from their websites.

pls help me om this issue .


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Page rank indicates your site performance/prominent, it was used by Google to rank blogs and websites. Just google for the keyword, Page rank you can find interesting definitions for sure

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In other words, it measure the ratio of incoming links to outgoing links from your site. It implies, if your site is linked by many sites your pr will be higher.

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Pardon me if my understanding is not correct. I had read in one discussion that Page Rank is the capability of your website in terms of search engines. In other words, the Page Rank is used by Google to check if your website rates good in terms of being included in the search list. That means if you have a bad Page Rank then your website is already excluded even before Google can evaluate the links for the search list.

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