What are the main skills you feel are most important to be a good content writer?

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What are the main skills you feel are most important to be a good content writer?

There are many people who try to offer content writing services so as to make some money online. However, I feel that not everyone is made to be a writer - without any disrespect to anyone of course. But I have met tens of people who tried to offer content writing services when they barely managed to understand what content writing is all about in the first place. Apart from the obvious skill of having a good grasp of the language, it is also important to:

  1. Understand your audience
  2. Include keywords in a proper manner
  3. Be original
  4. Do research


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I think being able to write in an engaging manner is very important too. You can understand your audience, but connecting with them and engaging with them is an entirely different skill.

Including keywords in the right places for SEO and being able to write in a natural way while incorporating them is also an essential skill.

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Hi EliteWriter thanks for your nice question. I think you have already described 4 importance things. And those very importance to make good content. I would like to add some of points as a content writer he has ability to do something as like below:
> I think successful content writer should have extra skill, I means master of writing in different style
> Successful content writer do not select different subject or random subject.
> Content writer has to skill to write very unique content
> Good content writer need to know SEO, or HTM
> Good content writer need to know wordpress
> Content writer need to skill on social media

Regards by Ajlancer

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I agree that a good content writer needs to know SEO basics, so as to be able to make an article or content that is SEO friendly.

Different writing styles are important because in reality not every reader is going to like all styles. Therefore if you have a blog or site it is a good idea to adopt different styles so as to suit different preferences. As a writer you need to know how to adapt to these different styles - be it technical, personal, engaging, promotional. You need to understand your audience and their needs, while being original.

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In order to become a good content writer, you must possess following skills:
language skills: if you don't have mastery over the language, you cannot writer.
writing skills: you know the language does not mean you can write, you must have writing skills as well
research skill: writing does not happen in vaccum. You need to do a research before writing, even a fiction writer has to do some research before he begins to write
seo skills: if you write for the internet, you must know how to make your content visible on the search engine.

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For a good content writer, the first in my list is good grammar. This is the primary tool that a writer uses. Next is the proper style of writing, the phrasing of words and the sentence construction. And the most important is the information therein which is the substance of the sentence. I have seen aspiring writers using uncommon words to baffle the reader but the sentences have no substance at all. So if you are lacking in information about the topic that you are writing, you can do a research or interview people who are considered authority in the subject matter.

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