Is eating late at night good for you?

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Is eating late at night good for you?


I always eat late at night- does that effect the body ? Is that healthy that I eat late and then go to bed?


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Well it depends what your eating doesn't it. It doesn't really have any effect on your body eating at night any more than it will eating at any other time. It's not about when you're eating, it's all about what you're eating and how much of it and whether you're getting your 5 a day or not.

I say 5 a day, I think the GDA (Guideline Daily Amount) has now gone up to 7 a day. That's 7 different varieties of fruit and veg per day they say you should be eating per day.

It's good to have a regular eating pattern of breakfast, lunch and dinner or supper. But eating at night if you're hungry is fine as well. So long as you're eating healthily throughout the day, week, month and year. Obviously if you only eat burgers and chips and other fast fried food and snacks like crisps and chocolate and pop drinks all the time that's not good for you in the long run. You need to eat healthily as well by making sure you take in protein and carbohydrates like bread, pasta, potatoes, fish and vegetables. And limiting the amount of sugar you intake. And of course, make sure you get at least 20 minutes of exercise a day until you break into a sweat is recommended as well.

Eating something and going to bed is fine but sometimes you can't sleep when you're digesting food. And you shouldn't ever eat and just go straight to bed anyway, you should brush your teeth first! That's one way it can be bad for you though.

I think you'll be fine!!! Is eating late at night good for you?

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Hi sanfora Thanks for your question. When I was secondary level student from that time I never eat meal in proper time. I mean proper times means 10 PM to 11 PM. And most of the time I take my meal very late night like after 12 PM. And I never see any change of my health though I am used to eat such way more than 20 years. Besides, I eat lunch very late too. And I do not see any noticeable affect on my health. Yes I got some time acidity problem, either everything is alright still. So, I can say eating very late night does not affect much.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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I would try and eat more of your food early morning or when you wake up if you get up late. The smallest meal of the day should be your last meal.

I don't think eating at night is unhealthy, but it does depend on what you are eating and how much of it. I like the low GI, high protein approach with lots of fruit and veggies. Also just keep in mind that food gives you energy to do things. If you eat a huge meal and go to sleep that's such a waste, if you are not burning up the energy it can go to your waistline.

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I do not think it is good idea to eat late at night. Research shows that eating late at night can actually make your body store those calories as fat instead of using those calories and burning them up. Also it is has been shown that your body processes food differently at different times of the day due to body temperature and hormone fluctuations, so being as your body is less active at night, constantly eating late at night can cause weight gain and also higher levels of blood sugar, which in turn could progress into a form of diabetes.

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I have never taken care of what time I eat. I have eaten late at nights for very long time, but I don't feel any change. I'm still in shape, maybe, because I exercise regularly? I don't know, but for me, eating late at nights just don't affect me much.

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I don't think eating at night is good. That is when your body is resting and doesn't the process the food as well, you could wake up the next day with stomach pain.

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I say It depends on what you're used to, If you have never eated before sleeping, I would say that it's not good for you, it presents a new process while you're sleeping in your system, If you are not used to it don't do it, it's not entirely necessary for you to do it.

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A light snack at night is good. I would definitely stay away from the heavy stuff. I can tell you from personal experience that eating heavy foods at night like rice and chicken and lasagna and macaroni pie does not put your body and frame of mind in a sleeping mode. Rather you will find that this upsets your sleeping pattern and if you try to sleep on a full stomach, this will lead to even further discomfort. Try some fruits or a little bit of cereal or some tea. Save up that zest for the morning meal if you can and you will feel much better having received a good nights rest and waking up with an hefty appetite where you can have just about any food you desire and make the best of your day.

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Eating late at night is not good for you. You have to allow your body some time for proper food digestion before going to bed. And if you have a family (especially young children), late night meals is a bad precedent to set for them. If occasionally, it cannot be avoided, then it's ok. But try not to make this a regular pattern.

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I believe that the belief that eating late is bad for you is not entirely true. My sister's nutritionist said that often times we eat our last meal early, but go to bed late because of work or whatnot. This is quite a long time for our bodies, so it results in us grazing the fridge for snacks and other foods that contribute to being unhealthy because we're not active during sleep. So snacking right before bed isn't exactly healthy, keep in mind your body will be in rest.

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When I was younger, I would work a bit late and I take a snack. My dinner is usually after 9 pm and my bedtime is 10 pm. Nothing to worry about because I was young and my metabolism was active. But now that I am past middle age, my meals are on time and regular otherwise I would gain weight. Snacking before dinner is discouraged and I try to abide just to keep my weight in check.

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Well, the answer is going to depend on what you are eating. While there are certain foods that you absolutely should not be eating before bed, there are others which either won't do you much harm (in terms of weight gain) and others which can actually help.

For example, you should not be eating foods which are loaded with carbs. Junk foods like chips or other snacks, breads and pastas, chocolate and candies, all of these things should be avoided before bed. This is because carbohydrates are meant to be used as immediate sources of energy, and if you eat them and then do nothing, they'll just get converted to fat.

That being said, if you're going to eat something before bed it should be high in protein. Low fat meats such as turkey or chicken breast, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, oatmeal, peanutbutter. These are healthy snacks you can have before bed, because protein takes longer to digest and is likelier to be used by the body's repair processes than just getting converted to fat.

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In my opinion eating late in the night is not healthy. Especially for anyone on diet and controlling the body weight, such person have to even watch the eating culture not only what to eat but how to eat. From what I heard when we eat it needs some time for metabolism to occur, but eating late night could utter this process.

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Eating late at night is definitely unhealthy. We should let our bodies rest more and not let the organs do extra work to digest food. It is also bad for your sleep hygiene.

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Well, Iused to make this same question to myself because I also eat really late at
night – I’m overweight so I was thinking this could be the reason- so I went to
the Dr. and he told me it wasn’t about the time I was eating if not what I was
eating and if I eat at the same hour every day. He recommend for me to eat at
the same time every day, to have a schedule of eating, if I’ll eat at 10 pm I
should eat that time every day. Also he recommends not eating and then going to
sleep. He said I should “walk around” before I go to sleep. I hope it serve

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I've noticed a late dinner always feels a little heavy for me. Specially if I have junk food, or a big amount of food. So i had to learn how to have more meals in a day, but less heavy, small amounts for portions, every 3 or 4 hours. That way you will stimulate, your metabolism during the day, you will feel lighter, and will have more energy. Physicians always recommend to have dinner earlier, like 3 or 4 hours before going to sleep, because after that you will not be able to burn those calories, and you might get over weight.

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I do early dinner, I think the highest for me is 8 pm which I still consider very late.I think late dinner is not good because the food eaten late in the night might take time to digest.

Personally, if I eat really late at the time.I tend to have problem sleeping well.My heart will not allow me to sleep well.Will be having palpitations through out the night.So I prefer to eat as early as possible.

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From what I have learned, eating late at night is only good for bodybuilders in the bulking stage. Other than that, the calories go mostly unused while you sleep and will become fat.

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Based on what I've read before, eating late at night is not good for you, particularly eating before going to bed. This is harmful and may cause health risk. However, starving yourself will also disrupt your sleep. I suggest to eat adequete amount of food just to sustain your hunger so you won't be full.

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