Is losing weight good or bad for health

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Is losing weight good or bad for health


Everybody says that loosing weight is healthy but I was little bit fat. I was feeling good with big energy now I lost some weight I don't feel that Is that normal?


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Losing weight and losing energy isn't normal. I've never been overweight so I can't really give you any information from first hand experiences. I do know that if you're losing weight from working out and doing cardio that you'll feel drained for a couple hours after you're done, but that's normal. If your over all energy is down then you might need to go to the doctor since that's not a normal thing.

Do you feel healthier than you did before you started losing weight? You not having energy may just be a sign that your body is taking longer to kick back into action after you worked out. But if you only changed your diet then it could be due to what you're eating. Let's say you cut pop out of your diet in order to lose weight. You'll notice a drop in energy because it was artificial energy due to the caffeine. Try to focus on certain foods that can increase your energy during the day. It won't feel the same as caffeine because it will be drawn out through the day, but you should see a definite increase in energy after a few days. Anything with carbohydrates will be your best bet to have prolonged energy for your day to day actions. Complex carbohydrates from pastas and grains will break down slower than sugars and that is why it will help you more than a pop will Is losing weight good or bad for health Pop or sweets break down pretty quick and you'll be lower than you were before you ate or drank whatever you had.

I love pasta so I've never had a problem with energy during the day. I also drink Mt. Dew soooooooo lol Is losing weight good or bad for health
I might be getting a spike from the Mt. Dew and then the pasta is my prolonged energy Is losing weight good or bad for health

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Absolutely, losing weight is good for the health. I support it.

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I think it is all about the way that you do it.

Crash dieting will maybe make you lose weight in a short amount of time but firstly it will be detrimental to your health and when you stop dieting chances are you will just pack it on quickly again. Once again not healthy at all and you won't feel good.

I would advise just doing things slowly and in the right way, so cut down on junk food and processed foods. Change from high GI foods to low GI foods. Start with some light exercise if you are not exercising and slowly increase it.

Try taking the focus off the weight issue and focus on being more healthy. You will feel better doing it this way.

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Hi Sanfora thanks for your another nice question. Losing weight is good for health or not it is depend on situation. I do not going to say which is better. I do not like very slim figure and at the same time I do not like bulky too. I always support idol figure according to doctor advice. If you support only losing weight good for health, I should say if your weight 70 ibs and if your height 6 fit. I think you never want to lose weight more on the other hand if your height 6 inch but your weight 300 ibs, I am sure you must to try lose your weight. So, it is depend on situation. I think idol health should be need considering with height and weight.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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It depends on the way you lost weight and how much weight you lost. If it was a substantial amount of weight within a short period of time that is not good. You need to keep track of what you are losing, so as to make sure that you are not overdoing it. For now if you are feeling drained I suggest you consult a doctor and discuss this as he might suggest certain supplements as you could be deficient in one or more vitamins and minerals. You could also speak with a nutritionist so as to adopt a healthier diet that will make you feel more revived.

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If definitely all depends on how you are trying to lose the weight. If you are dieting and exercising than losing weight is totally healthy for you!

But there is some ways that are in no way healthy, like crash dieting, that was mentioned before. If you crash diet, basically almost starving yourself to lose weight, makes your metabolism slow way down and almost like shut down, which can lead to a lot of other problems like anorexia, ect.

I would recommend even seeking a good nutritionist to help guide and encourage you while you embark on one of the most difficult journeys, losing weight. Hope that helped at least a little bit!

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I think losing weight is always a good thing to you. Overweight may cause many difficulties, such as cumbersomeness, health issues. Losing weight is also good for your eyes, too. See yourself get in good shape is probably a good thing, right?

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Hi, Sanfora.

You have to be really careful when losing weight. You shouldn't stop eating, you should select what you eat and elaborate a strict diet plan along with your nutritionist and physician. In addition to this diet plan, it's good to work out in order to achieve better results.

If you're not feeling OK there might be something wrong with your diet.

Good luck.


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Loosing weight of course is healthy for you, but it depends if you are already thin and keep loosing then its unhealthy.

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As long as it's appropriate for your height, yes it's healthy. You can check your Body Mass Index online, and always keep track of your calories. If you're eating way too less than your maintenance calories, then I would say that's unhealthy, for most people that is. Others go really well with low calories, so my best advice is to always listen to your body. Feel what it needs, if you think you're too hungry, eat a few, just remember not to confuse hunger from cravings.

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Hi Sanfora, you say that you don't feel energic after you lost some weight, but this depends on how much and how fast did you lose weight. I mean, if you lost 10 kilos in two weeks, this would not be normal and would not be good for your health either. It is good to your health to lose weight, but not too fast because that may affect your health.

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in your situation It's bad, however losing weight can be bad or good it all depends on how much weights you want to loose, it is good to stay healthy and if you have to loose some weights for that then go for it but if you loose soo much weight that you can't feel your energy anymore then that bad too as they say too much of everything is bad right?

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This thread is very relevant to me because I am on a diet and has an ongoing program to lose weight. My program is self-designed though. My main thrust to reduce my weight is not to eat rice. Take note that we are rice eaters because rice is the staple food in our country. My primary substitute for rice is bread. Regularly, I would be eating bread in the morning, for lunch, and then in the evening. But when I have the time to prepare my own food, I would make a vegetable salad for my dinner or sometimes I eat 2 boiled eggs that would last me until breakfast. I don't think it is bad to lose weight as long as you don't abuse your body. I don't agree with some people who go on fasting for that purpose because it can have a side effect like ulcers. For me, losing weight in a moderate manner is the best.

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It all depends. There are people who have followed very strict diet and are now anorexic. Many people have also died to due anorexia. In this case starving yourself to lose weight is bad. However, if someone is overweight then losing some weight will definitely help them. Obesity can cause many health complications. In this case losing weight is a good thing.
Now in your case, it all depends on how you are trying to lose weight. If you are eating the right foods and exercising daily then there shouldn't be an issue.

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How you lose that weight is an important detail here. If you lose weight by consuming healthier food and do your meals, you shouldn't feel short on energy. If you skipped meals or just ate very little of unhealthy food, you may not be getting the nutrients your body needs to function. Consider adding healthy food and never skip your meals, you might see a difference.

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Exactly, if you don't eat the calories, vitamins, that your body needs, you're not losing weight, you're killing your muscles and losing your energy. Is like when you put not enough gas to your car, or putting bad quality gas to it, your car will broke eventually, and that's exactly what happens to your body when you don't feed it properly. Unfortunately, people just care about the way they look, not how healthy or sick they are.

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The answer is going to depend on the reason behind your weight loss. If someone is losing weight because they have not been eating enough, burning more calories than they ingest, this may also mean that they're not getting the required nutrients and energy to keep them feeling energetic and healthy. In a more frightening scenario, certain people also have parasites such as tapeworms which can cause weight loss and sap the nutrients from your body which will leave you feeling low on energy. Whatever the cause may be, it is an issue that should be addressed by your physician.

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It actually depends on your initial body weight. If you are a little bit fat, you will feel more energetic when you lose the weight. You will tend to feel more pumped and have a better mood. I experienced this when I lost weight due to commencement of gym training.

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I believe in moderate body weight.I have never been a fan of slim or thin body and at the same time I hate obesity because of it health complications.You tend not to have alot of options when you're obese.

When one is so fat you go through alot from having problems of misfitting clothes to feeling heavy all the time down to be mocked unnecessarily.But I believe losing weight is good especially if it will better one's health.

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If you ask me, I don't think losing weight is good or bad for your health. In my opinion, the idea is to have weight and mass proportional to your physical body. As people, we're all genetically and physically different. So everyone has a different ideal amount of weight proportional to themselves.

Regarding energy, I personally believe the more weight you have, the more energy you should generally use on a daily. Not only do you have to walk around with that excess weight, your body is also in a constant mode of burning fat, which requires more energy. That's just my opinion, though.

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Its not bad definitely. In fact it is good for you because you will burn your fats and calories. What is bad is letting your body become bigger and bigger. Think about the bad effects of being fat. You will no longer use your clothes because it was not fit to you anymore. It will give you a hard time finding and searching right size for you. That is only one of the few examples if you will become fat.

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Nowadays, every is concerned about losing weight, but very few are aware of doing it in the proper way. Starving yourself will only lead you to eat more and lose energy, and killing yourself at the gym will cause you pain and physical damage. Also, taking some magical pills or drops or shakes won't take you farther than a hospital. So people, losing weight requires professional advice and supervision, go to a diet physician, get a healthy diet, clean yourself from all that processed and plastic food, and exercise for 30 minutos al least twice a week. You will see amazing results.

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I believe that losing weight is good for those who need it. Especially people who are high in cholesterol or have high blood pressure. Doctors would really advice this also for people who have diabetes. My father is diabetic and so he was advised to lose weight and avoid eating rice.

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