New Wordpress Plugin i found

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New Wordpress Plugin i found

There is a new SEO plugin that I came across called Little Hippo. It can be found on the wordpress store here -

I used to use Yoast but read about this one on a blog and it had good reviews so i tried it.

The best thing is that it lets you do all your meta data and alt tags in one place rather than having to go into each page individually. It also scans your site and let's you know of any on-page issues and puts all of the errors into a dashboard.

Through experience i know that a lot of beginners have trouble with the main SEO plugins due to all the settings etc, so thought this may be a good alternative to any WordPress beginners out there that need help with optimising their site.


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Sorry, just realised there was a better section i could have posted this. Will move it.

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is that plugin can help to rank websites better in search engine or just anither commercial plugin with alot of claimes

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Plugin have 5 stars review, so look OK. @sanfora it only makes ON-Page SEO, you still need offsite SEO to boost your SERP

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Hello there Bert,

Do you still use Little Hippo for your Wordpress Store or there are some better alternatives available now?

Best Regards
PBN Guru

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