How to make buyers convert better

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How to make buyers convert better

I just thought I'd share some tricks to make buyers convert better for your service. Of course most of you should know them already, but probably some of you haven't put enough time into them yet and don't realize how important they are - VERY IMPORTANT.

1. Thumbnails (gig's pictures)

Make your pictures stand out from the crowd. Once potential buyer is searching through services he needs, your picture should stand out from the crowd to get better CTR percentage and more views.

2. Title of a gig

Use 50 characters (spaces included) to describe your service and attract potential buyers to click on your add. Of course you can use more characters, but SEOclerks will only show first 50 characters in gig's listing.

3. Gig's description

Use media rich material to describe your gig. Make important text stand out from the rest of text, show your potential buyers how they can benefit from your service. Use relevant pictures, videos and any other media rich material you want. Some people don't like to read 500 word long text, but everyone likes to check images and videos. You can use infographics, make sure you use informative and attractive text.

Here's a video I created, I think it's showing all the information potential buyer needs and should convert well.

What you shouldn't do:

1. Don't use pictures that are used by everyone already, if you search for "SEO" through Google images, probably all the images are already used by many sellers here. Make them on your own, make them unique!

2. Don't say something that's isn't true, 100k blog comment links won't do anything good to no one and most certainly won't catapult anyone's website to the moon like a Chinese space shuttle.

3. Don't copy description of someone else, that is the most lame tactics for lazy people.

4. Don't sell something you don't know about it's effects, if you bought Scrapebox and can make 10k blog comment links, test them out on your website and see how that tactic performs before you promise something positive to your clients.

Good luck with your sales, I hope someone benefits from my tips. How to make buyers convert better



Very helpful post indeed...i'll keep these things in mind....Thanks mate.

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Thanks a lot.very helpful.i will follow.

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Great post. Many do not realize the using pictures that have not been used before , so that will be helpful for many.

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I agree that you should never copy anyone else description for your service. If you do, what is that really saying about yourself?

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Very nice tutorial!

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Really helpful info @mqss .. awesome actually i am thinking of making a YT channel with my services .. :-) and linking those to my services here in seoclerks ..:cool:How to make buyers convert better .. If you have any good idea on that please share .. :-)

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