Are there more ways to attract more buyers?

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Are there more ways to attract more buyers?


Are there any other way to get more clients? I guess forums and social media but how how much time should be spent finding clients?


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Hello sanfora,
There are several ways to increase sales and gain recurring customers. Building reputation & trust is two factors. Keeping your response time low and to deliver in time and avoid negative feedbacks are also vital factors. Alongside of "off-site" promotion, as you should promote yourself outside of SEOClerks for even better results.

I would recommend reading these FAQ's, as they are very valuable and they contain a lot of high quality content by several experts.

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Repeat Customers And How To Get Them

Another cool thing you can do, now when custom affiliate commission have been enabled. Is promoting your commissions inside your services. You can find more information regarding this here: "How to let affiliate marketers know if we offer custom affiliate commission?"

All these things will definitely increase your chances of gaining more sales.

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Whether you are a freelancer or webmaster, marketing is very important because you need to advertise for people to know about your service or website. Before you go into marketing, you need to make sure that you have a very attractive service. In order to get one, you need to provide high quality services and get good reviews. Once you have good reviews, then you start on the marketing side. Forums and social media are probably the best way to advertise your service. How much time depends but I would spend 10 minutes on both platforms each day and try to make the most of the time. Other than forums and social media, you can also try getting popular blogs to write about your services or buy paid advertisement for your services.

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One of the most important things is to demonstrate that whatever product or service you are selling is being provided by a seller who can surpass all other competitors. You need to instill an image of trustworthiness and reliability so that the buyer buys with confidence. Obviously this is not just to remain as an image, as you need to deliver. This will help you to build up a good reputation, which can then be substantiated with online and offline marketing efforts. Forums, social media and online adverts are effective. You can also consider offline methods that can work well depending on what you intend to sell. Rather than quantity it is better to focus on the quality of your promotional methods, and on their regularity. Start by establishing a target market and work your way from there.

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Hi sanfora
I think here on community discussion and on forum this issues has described several times by many expert. SEOclerks one of the baggiest marketplace where each day million of buyer and seller come to get expecting service and selling service. And I think very most importance things to attract to your buyer, write your gig very clearly what are you going to serve. And clearly yourself what buyer will get benefit after getting your service. And show yourself why you best rather than other seller. And minimize your response time than other buyer should attract to you. And response to your buyer very quick if he contact with you by MP or leave message by comments. As whole give top priority to buyer and buyer should return to you for next purchase.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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Advertising on sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn might help. I have been advertising on Facebook and this has helped me to attract many customers. I also created a Facebook page and my friends actually shared my page to others on their lists which helped me to get more followers. I also made some online friends and they also helped me.

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