How to write multilingual posts on a WordPress blog

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How to write multilingual posts on a WordPress blog

OK if you have WordPress blog where you would like to write articles in different languages here is some easy solution for you. No need to use old way of translating whole website in different language. You can simply do it for each post separately if you wish and you can do it in as many languages you wish or you can write. There is very nice plugin called qTranslate X which will help you to achieve this.

If you are interested in something like this, just read more here and read this detailed integration guide. once you set it up correctly it will be your favorite tool to offer multilingual contents on your website!


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Looks like a pretty interesting plugin for Wordpress. I would love to hear more about how this plug in works. Who would you suggest this plug in, what type of blog would it be most useful for? I'm still reading over the main page you referred, to understand how the dynamic multilingual content, to understand what's being talked about in reference to this plug in. Are there any bugs or known glitches that makes this plug-in less than ideal to work with?

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For example, same as we have option here at Seoclerks to write our services in few different languages without needing to create separate service description for each language. You can have your WordPress blog in English language but offer some or all posts in one or more languages, from one post editing panel. Plugin then will automatically add flags of languages you offer for that article and by clicking on flag it automatically display contents in other language as reader choose. So it's better then creating separate posts for each language, for those webmasters who want to offer multilingual posts on their blogs and attract more international readers.

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Thanks Anwebservices,this is very helpful! I will have a look at this plugin and see if it will offer me what I am looking for.

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I have a bilingual blog, When I was launching this blog, I had a difficulty in using two languages. I tried a plugin that translated my blog, however, I did not like this automated translation. Currently, I use unicode to write my blogs on the language that is not supported y my wordpress site.

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