What's the best CDN (Content Delivery Network)

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What's the best CDN (Content Delivery Network)

I've been using Cloudflare for a long time for my website , and i'm happy with their performance. But i would like know more about others CDN's and what they offer?

If you have tried any other CDN except Cloudflare. Please share your thoughts...


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The only CDNs I have used are Cloudflare and Incapsula. Incapsula is okay but Cloudflare is better. Cloudflare offers some great features like DDOS attack prevention but it only seems to be basic protection unless you subscribe to their paid plan. One thing I really like about cloudflare is its DNS service. If you change your DNS using Cloudflare, it takes around 5 minutes to change. I personally really like their minifying feature; my website can be quite slow with ads but with this feature, it makes my website a lot faster. However, sometimes, I do get problems with Cloudflare blocking my members from specific countries. Other than that, it is great. I think Cloudflare is the best CDN.

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I know of only cloudflare because a very popular DNS.I believe it gear toward what it really meant for that is why bloggers are so addicted to it.

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This is something I really no know nothing about so it is interesting to read this discussion. I hope that others who have input and experience with this kind of content will weigh in and throw in their two cents because this is something that is unique to me, and I would like to know more about it to be honest.

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