How much new content will I need to publish daily to compete?

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How much new content will I need to publish daily to compete?

I want to start new Website in a highly competitive niche. And, most of the other sites already have many pages published already and posting mulitipe times daily. I am concerned that I won't be able to compete if I don't publish the same amount of daily content. Please advise on SEO strategy for a new site in a very competitive niche.


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You're thinking about it in the wrong way. Instead of thinking how much content should you post to compete with bigger sites, you should think, what content can I add that my readers will appreciate reading. Then keep this pattern up. Those bigger sites probably have an army of content writers writing them content which is published everyday. So if you don't want to write it all yourself every time you could always employ/hire a writer or writers too to create good content for you which you can publish to your site regularly. But it's not always about how much or how many times you publish new content anyway. If the quality of your content is good, you can post a few articles a week and then just SEO them. That can have just about the same effect as posting new articles everyday. Especially if you're SEO'ng them. By that I mean getting them shared on social networking sites, adding social signals to them, building new quality backlinks to them. And keep that pattern up week in, week out and then you should start to notice some improvement in ranking. Those older sites will have age behind them which helps considerably in ranking, but they also probably have lots of aged backlinks as well which would help even more. As a new site, your site isn't going to have the same backlink infrastructure as theirs so you're going to have to crawl before you can walk, and you're going to have walk before you can run. At the end of the day, as long as your site is good and has lots of very high quality content on it and it's always getting social signals and new high quality backlinks slowly, there is no reason why your site can't be an authority site like the ones that are currently ranking top for your targeted keywords but it takes time and effort and determination. Especially for competitive niches.

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I know people who have added over 400,000 words of content to their website and still haven't outranked big competitors. On the other hand, I know people who set up a website and write for fun, but don't focus on how much content rather than optimizing it for Google but still making it readable to it's users. These people usually do a better job than the thousands of articles posted that are low quality.

As for optimizing your article. You need to make sure it's written well and it must be optimized at the same time. This can get tricky sometimes if you aren't use to how this works. I'd say after your first 5 articles that you're trying to optimize you'll get the hang of it How much new content will I need to publish daily to compete? Now then, to optimize an article you mainly need to focus on keyword density and also what not to do.

Your keyword density (how many times your keyword or words show up in the article) should appear no more than 1% - 3% of the time. Some people will say you're safe with 4% - 5% but why risk hurting your website over 1% - 2% right? Basically this means that you will want your keyword in your article one to three times ever 100 words. Posting your keyword a few times per sentence will not only make it a difficult read and hard to understand, but Google will slap you with it's penalty stick (similar to a ban hammer, just smaller).

Make the article a good read, don't add a random keyword into a sentence because you're trying to hit that 1% - 3% keyword density. If people think the article is written by a 3rd grader then the chances of them coming back are pretty slim.

Write what you want to write about and also what the good traffic topics are. This will bring in traffic from all over the place since you'll be hitting competitive keywords and non competitive keywords at the same time. Obviously you'll rank quicker for the non competitive keywords first, but target both sets at the same time because it will help out in the long run How much new content will I need to publish daily to compete?



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Hi parm123 thanks for asking a question regarding about your site matter and how does it work and how you will stand by making content against your competitor. idealmike and Razzy already described about this matter so exclusively and I agree with Mike and your think is not correct. I mean you thinking wrong way and for stand against your competitor, you do not need to post many content each and every day. Some big website they has many employee or hiring contractors for writing content but you do not need to write same massive content each and every day. Rather you must to insist on quality of content by using SEO method, which must be work for your site for search result and you can read this article and it may help you some What makes a successful web site by content?

Thanks by Ajlancer

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It is not about the quantity, but about the quality. What you need to focus on is the type of articles or posts that you are going to write, or hire someone to write it for you. You need to come up with innovative ideas for content that can be truly helpful and useful to readers, and at the same time rich in keywords that can then help you even more to rank well in search engines. Regularity in posting is important, but there is no fixed rule as to how frequently you need to do it. So my advice is to just focus on quality and regularity.

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As mentioned above, it is about quality, not quantity but having both will definitely make you rank well. The key is that not only does your content need to be of very high quality but you should also aim for content that is searched a lot. For example, you can use Google Trends to find keywords that are searched a lot and write content based on these keywords. If you can produce very high quality articles with lots of high popularity keywords, then as frequent as you can is the answer I will give. However, be careful about using too competitive keywords and supplement your content with backlink building to get the best SERP.

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I am assuming that you are planning to have a blog. If that’s the case, I agree that your competitors have a ton of contents simply because they were ahead of your blog. But don’t fret because can still catch up. Before launching your website, you have to prepare for your contents. And if you think you are not that good in writing then you’d better hire someone good enough to write for you much more if your plan it so have an update every day. It’s not easy to write contents, I tell you, that’s why my planned blog couldn’t roll because I may not have the time to write frequently. Good contents will bring you good results.

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