What subject should my website or blog be about?

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What subject should my website or blog be about?

Before you start a website, you should be sure you have enough interest in that subject so you don't get bored with the site too quickly.

If you love the subject first, then you'll be able to more freely write about that topic without having to hire a writer or stress over finding new content.

Most importantly, you should create a website about a topic you are truly passionate about, even if it's the same field as your day job.

What are some of your hobbies or pastimes? What type of things do you find yourself talking or think about most?

Make a list of your real world skills and start a website related to that.

Don't stress so much over the details, just start on a path and make corrections to your direction as you go along.


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Good points AJ! The online market is very competitive these days so having passion for your website is important as this will make you work harder to grow your website. Here are a few more things I consider when choosing a website to create.

I always look at the market I want to go into. You should look at how competitive your niche is and how can you do better than your competition. It is important to create something that is not just a duplicate of your competitors. You need to offer something unique; something that will make people leave your competitors and come to your website. For example, if you want to create a gaming website, you should understand that the online gaming market is very competitive and there may not be holes in the market for you to fill. In that case, you will just replicate your competitors.

Assuming your aim is to make money, how will you generate your money? How will the future be? You need to think forward. If you want to create a gaming forum, for example, your main source of income is probably ads but with adblockers getting popular, how will you make money? Alternatives may be selling games on the forum to generate revenue.

Generally, you should choose a website that has the highest long term revenue potential and in low competition market.

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I think that the best thing is to focus on something that you have a lot of experience in, and that you are passionate about. In such a way you will be able to do a good job naturally. It is a good idea to come up with something that is innovative and original as in such a way you will attract more people and have less competition too. It is a good idea to start with a brainstorming session, and then do a bit of research so as to see if there are any vacancies or missed areas in that market online which you can better target.

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It is true about you should always create a website on the topic that you are passionate about. However, you must be aware that the topic that you are passionate about may not earn you money because the topic is may not be commercially appropriate. Therefore, before you launch a website you must be clear where you are blogging for money or for passion. If you include both, always try to mind a middle way. For instance find a topic that is commercially viable as well as falls in your interest

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The reasons for starting a website can be money or passion. That’s the only major reasons that I see and some other reasons would be trivial like being invited by friends to form a partnership. Anyway, when you create a website for the money, that is weaker than when you start up a website because you love the niche. That can keep you going and going. Although you may experience writer’s block or a burnout sometimes but it is easier to pick up your bearings when you love the subject matter that you are writing about.

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For blogs, it's either just talking about interesting parts of your day-to-day life, interspersed with various tidbits of helpful information for the viewers, or having a niche topic which would be the sole focus of your blog.

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