Common SEO mistakes as Graphic header

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Common SEO mistakes as Graphic header

Very often sites are designed with a graphic header. Often, we see a picture of the corporate logo occupying the whole dimension. Don't do it! The higher a part of a page is a terribly valuable place wherever you ought to insert your most significant keywords for best SEO. Just in case of a graphic image, that prime position is wasted since search engines can't create use of pictures. Typically, you'll come across fully absurd situations: the header contains text info, however to create its look additional engaging, it's created within the variety of a picture.
The text in it can't be indexed by search engines so it'll not contribute toward the page rank. If you want to present a logo, the most effective approach is to use a hybrid approach – place the graphic logo at the highest of every page and size it so it doesn't occupy its entire dimension. Use a text header to create up the rest of the dimension.

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Good points! I also made the mistake of wrapping my header logo in an H1 tag which is bad for SEO. The logo having an H1 tag on the homepage is fine but should not be present on every page. Other pages such as a category page should have the category title in an H1 tag and that be the only H1 tag on the page.

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I was not aware of the position on the web page of graphics and text. Now that you said it then I realized why most websites have the text on the topmost part of the home page although in the olden days most website design have the logo or image on top. Anyway, this is a good lesson to be learned especially if your career is in the direction of the SEO industry which is growing bigger and bigger.

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