What are some of the mistakes you've made as an affiliate marketer?

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What are some of the mistakes you've made as an affiliate marketer?

Everyone makes mistakes at some point when doing affiliate marketing. However mistakes aren't always a bad thing because you can learn from them and turn them into a positive. Many very successful affiliate marketers had made a lot of mistakes along the way, it's how they got where they are today. Some small boo boos, some too embarrassing to share. But what matters is learning from those mistakes so that you never do them again. That's how you turn mistakes into positives! Think about all the affiliate marketing you've been doing over the past 12 months or more. How many mistakes have you made? You must have made one! How did you turn that/those mistakes into a positive so that it made you a better affiliate marketer? What are some of the mistakes you


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As I create and sell my own products I can't say that I've made any mistakes in this field. However, as I've been a freelancer for quite some time now, this has also given me some "insight" and knowledge. What I've come to understand, there's some major mistakes new affiliate marketers are doing. For instance, they sign up to each and every affiliate program they can, so they can promote and advertise endless products.. And this usually ends up in a huge disaster. Less is more so to speak, if you'd want to do things right. Promote only one or a few products at most at the same time. That way, you'll be able to focus on these things alone and you'll get better results by doing so.

Another huge mistake I've heard of is, that affiliate marketers doesn't creates unique tracking IDs, so they won't know where the sale came from.. The reason for the mistake in this scenario is that you won't be able to scale things up with that specific campaign of yours and you'll lose potential future sales.

A third mistake I've heard of, and the last I'll mention right now, is that affiliate marketers doesn't stick to their plan. As soon as they hear about a new cool product they start promoting that, instead of sticking to the products they already promoted. This would be a mistake because when you don't stay with your "game plan" you'll end up losing both focus and potential sales.

These things are something I would remember if I were to start working in this field but I look forward to other replies as I've much to learn!

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Hi nobody will not above on mistake and as a affiliate marketer, I did lot of mistake when I was beginner of this project. I thought it is just a market after promotion any product, I will get sell and earn huge commission. Actually there has so many plan and technique exist to earning such affiliate commission. I do some mistake which other beginner doing same things. Like choose the wrong product. These factors do not necessary mean that you have picked the right program. An affiliate marketer should consider payout, usability and time when choosing an affiliate program or product to promote. To avoid making this mistake, you should consider how much time you need to dedicate to a product or program to become successful. Select programs that you can comfortably promote within a certain time frame without overstretching yourself.
And another mistake is at the same time I promoted many product. As an affiliate marketer, you cannot be successful by promoting too many affiliate services or products at the same time.
Still I am learning to overcome many factors

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One of the mistakes is that sometimes you let the pull of marketing make you a bit unrealistic. You cannot make people buy. I think it is best to help them understand why they should do so.

It is also important to choose affiliate programs wisely so as not to get too immersed with having too many and barely devote a reasonable amount of time on each.

Not keeping track is another mistake. You should see that you know where a sale came from as this helps you judge what is doing well and what is not.

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I have been doing affiliate marketing since 2012. I think I have made mistakes because I am not earning well, however, I don't know yet what mistakes I have made. When I decided to launch an affiliate website, I did a lot of research and chose a niche that I thought will sell well. However, it is not working for me.

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