What are the biggest SEO mistakes for mobile sites?

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What are the biggest SEO mistakes for mobile sites?

Is it possible to use the same SEO rules when optimizing a mobile site as you would for a desktop site? And, what are some really big SEO mistakes being made for mobile?


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In Google's own words:

Mobile pages that provide a poor searcher experience can be demoted in rankings or displayed with a warning in mobile search results.

And, there you have it! User experience is key for top mobile ranking and that's where your SEO focus should be. Your users will suffer if you're not using a responsive mobile friendly design or providing content that can't be viewed on some devices, such as flash. These big mistakes can cost you in terms of your site visitors, who leave in frustration or mobile search rankings.

Check out Google Developers PageSpeed Insights to find out common problems that might cause your page to load slowly.

And, if you're asking, "Is my site mobile friendly?", Google has the answer.

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As Beverly has said, mobile optimisation is all about providing a good user experience. Optimising for mobile is different to optimising a desktop site because they have different criteria for user friendliness. I find a lot of websites that have very bad mobile themes. This makes my search experience on the website very bad and surely this will contribute towards a demotion in rankings. However, with desktop sites, you can still have a good user experience with a poorly designed theme. I find that filling your mobile website with ads ruins your user experience and I think that is the biggest mistake a lot of people make.

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My take on the websites for mobile access is the misconception that users of mobile browsers are lower in mentality. Pardon me for saying that because I find so many websites that are amiss when I use the mobile browser. One case in point is a website where I cannot log in simply because I couldn’t find the login page. If that is not stupidity on the part of the website designer, I don’t know what it is called.

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