Do you prefer Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla?

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Do you prefer Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla?

I was wondering what everyone likes to use. I prefer wordpress for my web designs since there are a ton of pre made themes out there that I can customize if I'd like.

Do Joomla or Drupal offer anything that could make me switch over from Wordpress?
How easy is it to learn how to set up Joomla and/or Drupal?
If you do, why do you choose Joomla and/or Drupal over Wordpress?

I'm asking these questions because it seems that Wordpress is the more popular of the theme. Some companies only design wordpress themes and make close to a million dollars a year, if not more, just making wordpress themes.

So what's your choice. I'd love to hear it Do you prefer Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla?




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In the past, i tried Drupal and Joomla long ago. I really can't say they are not good at all, but when i started using WordPress and learn all possibilities it offers trough tons of themes, plugins, widgets, tutorials, other open source snippets etc... I can say it's unbeatable by any other CMS platform. There is nothing you can't do with WordPress. I was writing few tutorials about WordPress, like: How to optimize WordPress for search engines? or How to build SEOClerks affiliate store in WordPress with WooCommerce plugin? but there is so much more things to do and it's really best platform from my point of view. It's powered with very "user friendly" administration panel, tons of tutorials "how to use it" etc... Btw you can see how many large and respective companies using WordPress for their large business presentations, it gives you idea that they were choosing best of the best too when it comes to professionalism built on simplicity. It's just my two cents. However, a lot people still using Drupal and Joomla, and you are very welcome to try it, but WordPress simple gives you more!

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Much like you, I tried Joomla briefly but only for a tester site. I didn't do much with it and didn't find it very functional to work with. I could not find themes for Joomla, but I'm assuming there are many available. Wordpress offers me everything I could possibly need in terms of functionality and ease of use. The theme selection if really amazing. And yes, I have seen some big name sites using Wordpress, it's a very prestigious CMS and used by many companies.

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I have tried Drupal and Joomla and I have to say Wordpress is better in every aspect. Wordpress has 45000+ plugins, much more than Joomla and Drupal and the plugins are much more powerful. You can technically create anything from Wordpress, from an arcade to an online shop. The software is very user friendly and it is a popular option so you easily find support. There are also plenty of great themes. There is just so many benefits for Wordpress and there are not many disadvantages with them. I have used Wordpress for many years and I will not be switching anytime soon.

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Hi I started to using WordPress when I start blogging and now some years passed. And over the years WordPress one of vest popular them on internet due to accessibility. Them very easy to understand and not need prior experience. You can easy handle all featured very easily and lot of free and paid them available and plugins, widgets too. So Easley you can set up your business by using WordPress theme. That is why still people are very much like to use WordPress. And I never used ?Drupal or Joomla. I tried to user both them recently but compare with Wordpress I did not get any most convenient feature on both software.
So, still I prefer Wordpress non of others.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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WordPress surpasses them on various levels in my opinion.
Drupal is not that easy to use, or at least that is how I felt it. It may take some time to get used to it, unlike WordPress which is really simple and straightforward even for a beginner.
Joomla is better than Drupal, but still not as good as WordPress for me, especially when it comes to customization options.
This is not only my opinion as there is a huge difference in the umber of sites hosted on WordPress and on the other two, so there is no denying that WordPress rules here.

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I have always used wordpress and never tried Drupal and Joomla. However, I was always interested in trying Drupal and Joomla. I once even installed Drupal and Joomla. However, I could not customize the site. I have limited knowledge on web design because I don't have any programing or coding skills. As for now I have settled with wordpresss. Wordpress is a versatile content managements system, you can do any think on wordpress, from a simple blog to an ecommerce site.

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