How to optimize WordPress for search engines?

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How to optimize WordPress for search engines?

WordPress as CMS platform is constructed very well to embrace search engine's algorithms straight out of the box. It's features attract search engine crawlers to easy access your post and pages all the way in deep digging. Using it's permalinks structure, which is editable from administration panel is also very attractive in terms of SEO. But it doesn't mean that any WordPress blog is fully optimized. There is still a lot more you can add to it in order to blast your SEO!

Choosing right theme (design)
There is tons of available free and paid themes for WordPress, but when the SEO is a priority you have to be careful in choosing right and well SEO optimized theme and their structures. It also depend if the theme is programmed and designed by novice or advanced programmers, so be careful in choosing theme for your blog and always look for their ratings, users comments and reviews, before you install it. It may be very nice looking theme to public, but low quality in terms of SEO.

Adding right plugins
Since there is lot more improvements in terms of SEO could be done, you also can add numerous free or paid plugins to your WordPress blog to boost it's SEO attractiveness. I would recommend using following plugins:

WordPress SEO by Yoast
One of most used and advanced SEO plugins which allow you to set different titles, meta descriptions, meta keywords etc. for every post or page. Very useful and many webmasters made such a great results with that.

Alternatively you can also use "All in one SEO pack" plugin instead of Yoast!

SEO Friendly Images
Your images can be SEO optimized too, so "SEO Friendly Images" plugin is really nice addition to your blog. This nice plugin adding right ALT tags and titles to your images nad making your blog professionaly optimized for search crawlers.

Google XML Sitemaps
Very recommended plugin, which auto-create website sitemap for faster and easier indexing your website by search engine crawlers. Plugin also notify all major search engines every time you create a post.

This is only some basic needs to have your WordPress SEO optimized. There could be done a lot more and you can always come back here for more info, or search Google for "WordPress SEO"

Don't forget that your articles also have to be SEO and keyword optimized. Pointing out targeted keywords as bold and italics can attract search engine's attentions too. Using H1 to H6 taglines is also important in terms of SEO.

Sharing your newly created posts on major social media sites is also recommended and here is how it can help you more:


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The yoast plugin is a must have plugin for your optimization needs in Wordpress. It's one of my plugins that I always add no matter what. Some plugins change over time, but I've never seen an update from Yoast that was bad How to optimize WordPress for search engines? You can do all your on page optimization easily from the page you want to work on. You can also easily create a sitemap and have it added to your website in order to have Google, Yahoo! and Bing crawl your pages super easy.

I've used seo friendly images here and there, but it's not one of my go to plugins when I'm using wordpress. I should look into it a bit more after watching that video. It looks like a pretty sweet little plugin How to optimize WordPress for search engines?

Google sitemaps is pretty good, I don't really use it though since I can create sitemaps using Yoast and have them added right to my website How to optimize WordPress for search engines?

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Thanks you have just answered my question regarding the best SEO plugin to use! Nice to know I am on the right track, thank you.

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Thank you. It's a pleasure to know that future readers will find it useful to make your blog ranking better in search engines.

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