How social signals help you to boost SEO and SERP

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How social signals help you to boost SEO and SERP

First of all, what is social signals?
Social signals are shares of your link(s) on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest etc.... All further shares, likes, pins, repins, retweets etc. are counted as social signals too. Most of this links are no-follow, but don't be discouraged because they are very important too. Not just for your audience, like followers or social friends, but for Google crawlers and algorithm too.

So how does it help your SEO in order to boost SERP?
Even if this links on social media sites are no-follow, you need to know that most social media sites are high authority sites and they are being crawled by search engines frequently. So, perhaps Google crawlers will notice your link shared on some or many social sites, they will also notice all likes, retweets, repins, shares... That's how their algorithm will notice how real people engage with your post and simply said, the more people engage with your social posts, Google will rank your post higher in their SERP because algorithms recognize it as something what people really like and means useful and worthy to people.
Simply share your posts on major social media sites and you will notice boost of your rank. There is more tactics to add to this, but this is simple explanation how and why to start getting social signals.


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Thanks Anweb. There has been much discussion and debate about whether or not Google uses social signals as a ranking factor or not. Some people say they do but it's only a very small percent of your overall SEO score. Some people say they don't make one bit of difference to your ranking but that's not what I've discovered and experienced myself by using them. I've ranked sites higher by applying different types of social signals to all my posts/pages and homepage etc. With social media becoming one main way that people share things that are popular, it would only make sense that search engines look at these as a way to know what's popular and what isn't. I believe they look at and consider such things has how many tweets or retweets a URL has, the authority of the Twitter account tweeting it, how many Facebook shares a URL has and how many Google +1's it has also. There are also many case studies out there that show excellent improvements to the ranking position of that site after social signals were applied to it. I think it was Quicksprout that created an gifographic that showed some case samples and how the sites that had social signals applied to them improved in ranking because of it.

Quite simply, in my opinion, and that of those who have seen good results from using them, will say that they work and do improve your SERP ranking by just having them. But you can't just throw x amount of them at your site and then stop. It doesn't really work like that. It's all about keeping them coming in the same as you would backlinks. You don't want to start building backlinks and then stop all of a sudden. As it is with social signals too, for good SEO, you want to keep them coming in all the time so it looks like you're site is always popular amongst the social media community. Not that I'm saying your site isn't good enough to attract them naturally!

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In several discussions that I have come across, they said that social signals are now being considered by Google and probably helping the website in terms of SEO. And I guess other search engines are also doing that because social media is a vast territory where people converge. If search engines will be ignoring the importance of social media then they will be left behind by the progress and development in the internet. Leaving your backlink in Facebook and Twitter will be a plus for your search engine optimization.

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