Brand Advocates vs Brand Disciples

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Brand Advocates vs Brand Disciples

I am a brand disciple for Netflix
I LOVE Netflix. Yes, it's that good!

For years, I have been recommending friends to that service and my enthusiasm for the brand wins people over, even when competing services (like Amazon Prime) are available. I have an actual emotional reaction talking about Netflix. And, you can come up with a list of ten reasons why any other movie app is better, but this is the one for me.

I am very picky about what I like in terms of services and products, but if i find something that works for me, i use it for years even when others have moved on and am very active in converting others to that brand or product. Just speaking as a consumer, there are many choices out there, but if I like something, I'll pay good money for it and won't use anything else.

How does this apply to Freelancing or selling services on SEOClerks? Think of it as a little case study. My experience as a brand disciple is typical and there are similar brand fanatics for all kinds of products, brands, services and niches.

A brand advocate loves your product/site/service and buys occasionally but won't necessarily recommend you to others. This person is just as likely to use your brand as another favorite.

Brand disciples, on the other hand, are the superfan. These people will spend hours debating friends on why their favorite product is the best.

They are walking, talking billboards for the product or service they love.

And, almost every brand (product or service) has its 'share of brand disciples.

Think Apple fans who love the brand so much they will camp out on the street the night before to get the newest whatever Apple is offering and will defend it vehemently even if that product is worse than whatever else is out there.

The trick is to be able to win these people to your side, to make them your 24/7 advertising machine for whatever it is you are selling, whether social media services or something more mundane like cereal.

Tell me your best strategies for converting your one time customers into disciples.


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I would say I'm a brand diciple of Netflix as well Brand Advocates vs Brand Disciples I always talk to people about what I'm currently binge watching that week lol

As for making your website and/or service attract brand diciples, I'd say you need to have something that is great but easy (unless you're apple). I say great and easy because it has to be able to pull in customers and keep them signed up. Getting one off customers is not the best way to become successful. You'll need to get them to sign up, stay signed up, and talk about how great your services are.

Saying this and doing this are completely different since it's an extremely hard thing to do. I wish I had thought of netflix or could build a brand like apple where people will just buy whatever I designed that day Brand Advocates vs Brand Disciples

I guess over time you don't really have to build your brand anymore since your current customers are doing this for you. But if any of us happens to get to the level of Apple or Netflix I hope we show each other some love lol Brand Advocates vs Brand Disciples



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