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Great social media marketing reseller/supplier panel for SEO and SMM services.
All sales are final and no refunds will be given without real reason such as not working software or not delivered.
If you are new into this type of business we highly suggest you to start with this user panel.The panel is fully manageable from the admin and easy to integrate multiple all panel APIs which accept GET requests, no programming skills are required to manage your panel or to manage your service APIs for sending the orders to your supplier panel.Each order comes with 1 license.

The panel is really easy to install, there is installation file so again, no programming skills are required or SQL file executions.

With the purchase you will receive:
  1. Copy of the panel script.
  2. Basic installation guide.
  3. Basic guide how to attach APIs to your services and make your panel fully automatic and auto-pilot.
  4. Our list of best SMM and SEO supplier panels.
  5. *Additional: We can setup the panel for you for free.

  1. Fully manageable panel from administration panel.
  2. All orders are processed instantly.They are sent to your reseller panel(API) or if API is not attached they'll be processed manually.
  3. Simple user interface for best user experience.
  4. Ultra lightweight script, awesome speed performance.
  5. No dependencies on the web hosting.
  6. Support system.Your clients can leave you messages (No page refresh).
  7. 2 steps order page (No page refresh).
  8. Upload user avatar (No page refresh).
  9. Update user profile settings (No page refresh).
  10. API system.
  11. No page refresh for a lot functions (each submit is handled by the server and the page won't be refreshed).
  12. Automated payment gateways.
  13. Custom 404 & 500 error pages.
  14. User password recovery function.
  15. Orders are separated in 3 dropdown navigation bars(all, completed & processing).
  16. Services list with IDs and everything is listed there.
  17. API documentation page for the user side.
  18. News system.
  19. Individual prices for each user per service.
  20. Reseller group with custom prices per service for the whole group.
  21. A lot more.

You can visit the demo of the script here,

User Ratings

  • Zesal
    Zesal 19 days ago

    Perfekt thanks! Now i have to change the color, logo css stuff! Let ´s go to work thanks for you help!

  • SMoutlet
    SMoutlet 1 month ago

    Hi thank you for completing this task can you please assist me with adding API from supplier to my site?

  • tpenterprises96
    tpenterprises96 2 months ago

    Has been a great help I recommend his services over all other people providing this same type of service

  • kierenz
    kierenz 2 months ago

    Had some initial issues installing the script myself however the seller fixed all the issues very quickly and then set everything up for me. Would recommend to anybody starting a smm reseller business..

  • Sg1Belial
    Sg1Belial 2 months ago


    it doesnt work. Please send back the money.

    • listdev

      As i see you are using this product and now you are asking for a refund?
      There is no legit reason for refund sir.

  • kuriada
    kuriada 2 months ago


  • justinsfuneral
    justinsfuneral 2 months ago

    Why am I getting "Invalid License Key" when trying to install it?

  • Seomanager000
    Seomanager000 2 months ago

    This seller is 100% helpful.
    He is very professional and fixes everything without any additional charge.
    I would recommend everyone to buy from him.
    And also, script is working awesome.
    I am very happy now.
    Good Luck listdev, i will surely order more from you.
    Thank you so much bro

  • RGBaked
    RGBaked 3 months ago

    10/10 quick and very professional! Would Recommend

  • alokrocks
    alokrocks 3 months ago


  • Bt74908
    Bt74908 4 months ago

    Says user with these credentials does not exist


  • Hexenfrau40
    Hexenfrau40 4 months ago

    Very bad

    Account has been suspended.

  • BhavKaran
    BhavKaran 5 months ago

    best SMM Panel ever! Service was too fast. very good guidance. very fast service and too fast replies for help! Rating: 10/10.

Buyers Comments

  • dhky

    How its work ? im interested..

    12 months ago
  • listdev

    Please check your order progress sir.

    12 months ago
  • Cityboymc

    Hi I want to purchase Immediately I am looking for the best panel to purchase.

    I do not want to be someone else's re-seller.

    I am buying this software so please contact me as soon as possible I have some urgent questions!


    s: tj_knight666

    7 months ago
  • listdev

    Please contact us here with private message.

    7 months ago
  • paarthagg33

    If I buy this script. Would I be able to send unlimited likes, views and comments on my ig account. Im not buying it for starting business. I want to buy this for myself. Please Reply Fast. I really Want to buy it

    4 months ago
  • listdev

    All services are taken from supplier panels not from the platform.

    4 months ago
  • yestoseo

    Hi there

    if i buy this script can i be the reseller .. when i get orders how would they get fulfilled. I mean would i need to attach this script with some service providers if yes would you also let me know the list of providers

    4 months ago
  • listdev

    Yes, list of providers will be sent with your order delivery.

    4 months ago
  • yestoseo

    how do i know the providers which you provide have the best pricing(i mean they own their own SMM servers) and are not resellers like me (wh also bought panel like me)

    4 months ago
  • listdev

    We've made a huge research about the supplier panels and we can guarantee the prices are fair.

    Best Regards.

    4 months ago
  • naswangyunzan

    hello im interested ..
    please let me know about hosting or if you have any recommendation.
    also i would like to ask is it easy to add api of other service provider..
    please reply

    3 months ago
  • listdev

    You will need only web hosting and domain name sir.
    Our API system is developed in this way that you won't need programming knowledge to make your panel process the orders automatically.

    1 month ago
  • landoflui

    its this ready for me to just buy & start getting followers?
    Or do I need to buy more stuff like SMM providers?

    1 month ago
  • listdev

    You will receive a list with supplier panels from where you can resell their services to your customers.

    1 month ago
  • listdev

    No sir, there is a demo version of the product on our official website,

    14 days ago
  • wintersky

    Hello. I would like to know if it's possible to change the language of the system/navigation? It would be for Japanese customers so I would like to change the language.

    11 days ago
  • listdev

    Yes sir.
    You can edit the source file of the panel.

    10 days ago
  • Ieldsmara

    Hello, how are you? I only paid this amount once and the site stays mine forever?

    6 days ago
  • listdev

    Due the current terms, it's one time payment for using the panel for life time.

    6 days ago
  • Ieldsmara

    after buying the smm from you guys is so setting up my way and I'm going to have API providers?
    after buying the smm from you guys is so setting up my way and I'm going to have API providers?

    6 days ago
  • listdev

    With your purchase you are getting and a list with supplier panels as well.

    6 days ago
  • Ieldsmara

    posso colocar o mercado pago como pagamento?
    posso colocar o mercado pago como pagamento?

    6 days ago
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