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I am looking for someone who will visit the directories listed below and fo...

  • grendelguy
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  • Email Excel Clicking

    I m working as an advertiser for a private advertising firm, and I need peo...

  • TrisdenSlithice
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  • Download Knowshow Click

    i need 200 unique u.s clicks on my ad for which i posted on twi...

  • mubarak20
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  • clicking

    here are 31 adfly links you should click on them 31 link x 5 seconds waitin...

  • skhirimed
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  • clicking

    Basically, I wrote a bunch of posts on a forum. The owner is now going to l...

  • QuirkyJessi
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  • copypast english clicking

    registred on site http: ?r vk95364frhp3 you get 10 o...

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