Testers for SEOClerk Affiliate Platform

Testers for SEOClerk Affiliate Platform

There is a new affiliate platform coming in for SEOClerk affiliate system. And it will be a great help if some of you could contribute ideas and feedbacks to this.

Platform Features

  • We host it for you. No extra if you get super successful.
  • Works on ZeroConfiguration system. You don't even have to press start.
  • Use your affiliate ID. So, you get to keep affiliates you bring. 100% profit.
  • AdSense. Bonus income even if the visitor did not turn affiliate.
  • Freelancer Page. Every freelancer at SEOClerk has a page at your site.
  • Service Page. Every service on SEOClerk has a page at your site.
  • Lite Site. Made for low internet speed is a minimal page with hundreds of services.
  • Easy Admin - Control Panel. Multiple site under one account, total control.
  • Social buttons + Social Tags (OG for Facebook, SchemaORG for Google/Google+, TwitterCard Tags) integrated.

If you are interested and ready to give prompt feedback, you are most welcome to test the platform.

Check the sevice listing at on SEOClerks

Join BetaTest at : Join in here.

Will Trade

Discount on iOnClerk store.

Skills Required

Seo Traffic Facebook Business Marketting Twitter Php Asp Programming Wordpress

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i will test this

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    Uttkarsh Level 1
  • i'd like to test this affiliate platform too; thank you!

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    premiumseller Level X3
  • i am interested in testing the new affiliate platform as well as giving my honest feedback and opinion. i am already pleased with the services that seoclerks has to offer and i am looking forward to the many more benefits the site will offer for sellers and buyers. looking forward to helping

    i want to test this panel. i will give my opinion. and will answer your questions.


    Make an Offer Created 11 years ago in Web 2.0

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