• 50 High PA 28+ Tumblr Backlinks Unique Content
Want your website to be number one on Google search?

These 50 high page authority 28+ Tumblr backlinks will do the job.

This is amazing value for money. You can rank no. 1 for just $20.

I will develop 50 unique articles for you that are niche relevant. These articles will index in Google search and push your site to the top.

I will post each article to 50 different Tumblr blogs, you will get 50 backlinks from 50 different Tumblr sub domain URLs.

I will also throw in some backlinks from other web 2.0 sites like Weebly. Most of the backlinks will be from Tumblr and in some cases all backlinks will be from Tumblr.

Most of the Tumblr blogs have a page authority of 31 and above, absolutely all of them are indexed in Google search.

This is some serious ranking power here at your finger tips. You do not get the login details to these blogs.

Each blog will have great content on there, it will be unique and most importantly readable.

All backlinks will be do-follow and are permanent.

Backlinks from a high page authority Tumblr sub domain homepage have some big weight in pushing sites up to the top of Google search results pages. This is what you are going to get.

Each Tumblr blog has high PA because they have backlinks pointing to them themselves. The backlinks that powerup the Tumblr will now power up your site too.


Then let's make it happen.

All I require from you is your URL and the anchor text you want me to use on each post.

You can provide 50 anchor text if you want to. You can also ask me for what I think is best to push your site to the top.

Just the 50 unique articles is worth the money alone. You are certainly getting a bang for your buck here.

Get started now:

Then I can get cracking with the content and push your site to the top.

All I need is your URL and the anchor text you want me to use.

Buy now and start ranking and banking.

Give your website the power it deserves.

You have spent way too long writing content for your site, it is time for people to see it.

Time for you to make it happen......

ALSO: You can split the backlinks up to 5 URLS. If you want to split to more than 5 URLs please message me first before you order.

User Ratings

  • preetsandhu2019
    preetsandhu2019 6 hours ago

    Thanks for your service. Hope this works in my favour. If it works so i will definitely give you further order and look forward to maintain good relation with you. Thanks

    • getinline

      Great buyer. Definitely works on the right keywords :-) Hope to work with you again....happy ranking :-)

  • usawebmarketing
    usawebmarketing 16 hours ago

    Great job, thanks!

    • getinline

      Excellent buyer, pleasure to work with :-)

  • mm34505
    mm34505 8 days ago

    thank you! Do I have to index these? and can I have log ins for them?

    • getinline

      Pleasure :-) All blogs are indexed. The post page is not indexed, the homepage is where the rank juice sits. You don't get login details with this service. Just a backlink building service...will rank you up :-)

  • guess21dan
    guess21dan 11 days ago

    Excellent work. Some great PA metrics here. Thanks very much.

    • getinline

      My pleasure. Superb buyer, excellent to work with :-)

  • tejas123
    tejas123 12 days ago

    good job thanks

    • getinline

      Superb buyer, excellent to work with.

  • Abusena
    Abusena 18 days ago


    • getinline

      Absolute pleasure to work with. Happy ranking, those links will certainly give your site a boost :-)

  • cjd333
    cjd333 2 months ago

    Good work and delivered ahead of schedule. Looks nice. Hopefully rank increases. Thanks!

    • getinline

      Super buyer, pleasure to work with. These always give a bump up the SERPs, especially if you use the right anchor text ratio :-)

Buyers Comments

  • DEO29

    Do Tumblr blogs have good amount of backlinks?

    2 months ago
  • getinline

    All sites show backlinks on Moz bar, some have as little as 8 backlinks while others have over 2300 backlinks...there is a good mix. Some serious ranking power here, sure to push any site up the SERPs if used on the right keywords and in the right mannor.

    2 months ago
  • blackseal

    How do the links work because I was under the impression that normal in content Tumblr links are now nofollow? Isn't the only way to get dofollow is through the edit theme setting and changing the description there?

    2 months ago
  • getinline

    The links in the blog post still pass on link juice and will certainly push your site up the SERPs if used in the right way. I use them to rank sites all the time, test it for yourself, link juice still flows, they work :-)

    2 months ago
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