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I will make a good voice over record for you with a good voice in just a da...

  • Shomdan
    Shomdan Level 1
  • Voicerec

    Need two voice over artists one male and one female for regular work 2000 w...

  • Raghav9999
    Raghav9999 Level 1
  • Voiceove

    I am looking for someone who can read the script I give you in a foreign ac...

  • samseopro
    samseopro Level 1
  • English Accent American

    Hi I am Miss Ilenia ! Our team need a voice over service for our youtube vi...

  • Ilenia
    Ilenia Level 1
  • Voice over for

    I have a video with subtitles. I will send it to you. you have to read the ...

  • hiruisbest
    hiruisbest Level 3
  • voice

    We have around 10 - 15 Japanese videos to translate to English per month. N...

  • Manelbamba
    Manelbamba Level 1
  • Japanese English

    Transcribe German audio from video or records to German script. No need to ...

  • Asutrad
    Asutrad Level 1
  • Fluent German Listenin

    Hey everyone, I m looking for a person to make 5 videos voiceover with a sc...

  • wycpsupport
    wycpsupport Level 2
  • Voice Speaking

    Hiring American British Voiceover Male Female. 3 for 1000 words. Hiring Ame...

  • alexa86
    alexa86 Level 1
  • Voice Over Voiceove

    male or female or both at least some emotion please i need it in English bu...

  • Kalin
    Kalin Level 1
  • Voice

    I am a transcriptionists. i can transcribe audio accurately. description:: ...

  • oksujan46
    oksujan46 Level 1
  • Transcri Audio Speexh

    I have an english video 18 minutes duration. make this audio into vietmanse...

  • btcmagicc
    btcmagicc Level 1
  • Voice

    I need voiceover for my YouTube video , need american or British voiceover....

  • FiverrCraze
    FiverrCraze Level 1
  • Voice

    I need video testimonial about my website , I need good english speaker You...

  • dariusalexandru
    dariusalexandru Level 1
  • Videotes Video Videos

    Hi, I need the whiteboard color animation video.This should be good animati...

  • sndpatil
    sndpatil Level 1
  • Animatio Whiteboa Graphics

    Hello Everyone, I need true American voiceover for my videos so please resp...

  • bloggersjoy
    bloggersjoy Level 1
  • Voice

    GERMAN & ENGLISH i have a professional sound recording studio, you will...


    I would like a preset created in adobe audition 2017 to pass au...

  • handyguyz
    handyguyz Level 1
  • Voice Adobe Audition

    Looking for an experienced Virtual Assistant on full time permanent basis w...

  • kashigujer
    kashigujer Level 1
  • English Contentw Admin

    i need a producer tag should be a hot female with some special effects to i...

  • yyaaaasss
    yyaaaasss Level 1
  • Voice

    Hello I need a professional whitboard animation video for presentation the ...

  • Jeffucee10
    Jeffucee10 Level 1
  • Video Editing

    I need an English female voiceover with a friend voice and tone. I have a t...

  • seykay
    seykay Level 1
  • Voice Voiceove English

    I am looking for someone to do a voice over for a video. The script is abou...

  • haivanessa
    haivanessa Level 1
  • Voice

    I own a website that sells social followings etc smm . I am in need of adve...

  • BuySomeFans
    BuySomeFans Level 1
  • Reviews Review Articles

    Hi I want a male voice over for my videos as mentioned need to t...

  • sekhar203
    sekhar203 Level 1
  • Audio Video Voice

    Hi I want a male voice over for my videos as mentioned need to t...

  • sekhar203
    sekhar203 Level 1
  • Audio Video Voice

    The cheapest will get the job

  • MIllionViews
    MIllionViews Level 1
  • Voice Actor

    I need an American accent voice over from a strictly American, ASAP

  • harchyboy01
    harchyboy01 Level 1
  • American Accent Voice

    Send me any audio file and I will make it sound like a Alvin and the Chipmu...

  • th4prodz
    th4prodz Level 1
  • Music Voice Chipmunk

    I want to buy 500 views NO MORE and 50 likes on youtube!

  • sextonx17
    sextonx17 Level 1
  • 500views 50likes

    I need an english voice actor for a mini documentary project i made.

  • haneiter
    haneiter Level 1
  • Level5

    I need a female voice over just for a text less than 100 words shouldn t ta...

  • keinz053
    keinz053 Level 1
  • Voice

    Need a very sensual female vocal, Spanish or English, to read or sing sensu...

  • violalove85
    violalove85 Level 1
  • Sensual Sexy Female

    https: watch?v vnj0vvgO EM here is a sample I like. Can you d...

  • empowersjackie
    empowersjackie Level 1
  • Video Trailer

    USD 5 for every 300 word American British male voice over narration Motivat...

  • shalom
    shalom Level 1
  • Audio Voice

    Looking for a very low male voiceover , it is for a documentary teaser. The...

  • lelahell
    lelahell Level 1
  • Best English

    Hello, I need the services of a voiceover artist for a quick job. You will ...

  • smartclem
    smartclem Level 1
  • Voiceove

    I need a pretty lady to be my spokesperson and create six 30 seconds video ...

  • trafficseodon
    trafficseodon Level 1
  • Actress Spokespe English

    I am looking to buy 10 or more DJ drops for my next mixtape. If you can pro...

  • Usesmartwork247
    Usesmartwork247 Level 1
  • Dj Music Voiceove

    Hello i have a script - 200 words andi want it in 1mn whiteboard animation ...

  • VirtaPay
    VirtaPay Level 1
  • Voiceove Voice Video