Need Mass Youtube Bot

Need Mass Youtube Bot

I am looking for a good youtube scrapper that can do a mass comment, subscribe, upvote comments, post comments, add views, favourites and many more. If anyone ha ubyoutubebeast then I am willing to pay 12 dollars for that one. I need a good working youtube scrapper that actually works doesn't crash and does the job when needed, not one that always fails and never works. Serious BIDDEERS ONLY! NO INDIANS! I need really bidders, ones that actually can provide real high quality ones and not cheap one so they can make easy bucks like 99 percent of all Indians on this site.


Please send me the download file

Skills Required

Seo Socail Marketing Proxies Social


i can provide u2bviews account with 55000+ credits..
1 credit = 1 view or like or subscribers or fav..
1 credit = 1 any thing on youtube..
but comment price is 3 credit..
i can sell my u2bviews account with 55000+ credits..

i will give you all 8 youtube bots that i have laying around, from what i know they should cover all the areas you want. im not sure what exsactly they do as i do not use youtube bots. i usualy work with twitter. i have allot of bots that i just hord up, all are up to date as far as i am aware.

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