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  • Youtube Views 5000
I need 5000 Youtube Views .... MUST NOT be mobile views

SOMEONE PLEASE BID >>> I may Have EXTRA work for You!!!
I can verify this be checking the video analytics

I Will be checking the video anaytics

When you bid on this please Tell Me Where the views will be coming from?


Very Easy Job .. Provide 5000 Views But Not Mobile Views.. It could be referrals from facebook twitter whatever

Please Bid Now!!

Skills Required

youtube video you tube videos view views


$ lvl.
get 5000 youtube views
I will make 5000 youtube views for you,
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$2 1 order now!
5000 youtube views
Referrals from twitter and facebook only. worldwide views, i haven't actually tried a youtube video before, but we can try it out and see if it works. if it does we could do some business together, if it doesn't then just cancel the order?
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$2 1 order now!


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