Intro for YouTube (up to 10$) Professional/Gaming

Intro for YouTube (up to 10$) Professional/Gaming


I'm a fellow youtuber looking for someone specialized or with a lot of knowledge and experience with making introductions, in order to buy one from you!

The intro can be Professional &/or gaming, it's up to each of the style you work better with.

Please let me see your work, so I can check whether it's worth or not buying from you.

I will contact the intro maker within a few minutes after evaluating it's work.

Have a nice weekend!



  1. The bidder must have experience with at least Blender or Cinema 4D.
  2. It is not necessary to have a portfolio, but please show me a piece of your work with introductions or outros.
  3. Take your time, but no more than a week.
  4. INTRO TEMPLATES ARE HEAVILY DECLINED AND THE BIDDER WILL NOT GET PAID, BUT REPORTED INSTEAD, under the use of another's work and fail to compromise to the job objective.
  • Be Original! ????

Skills Required

Animation Intro YouTube Design Professional Gaming


dear sir, i read your message and understood it clearly. you will require the
subject mentioned service from an experienced person, who could capable to receive
your message and e*mail and also be able to reply to the client. expect that he
could maintain your various official task as per your requirements on daily basis.

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