I need a HITLEAP account that has 30000 Minutes

I need a HITLEAP account that has 30000 Minutes

I am looking for a hit leap account that has 30k minutes onto it. I am willing to pay around 6-10 dollars for this account so please bid wisely. The more minutes and cheaper gets you it sold. NOTE: I NEED THE LOGIN DEATILS. If you have a account then please bid here. Must have 30k minutes no less


Please send me the email and password for the account

Skills Required

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i can give you dear

funny i actually have a hitleap account that is waaaay over your req. if interested let me know. i no longer use it....started last winter/spring

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    10,000 minutes $7
    20,000 minutes $14
    30,000 minutes $21
    40,000 minutes $28
    50,000 minutes $35
    60,000 minutes $42
    70,000 minutes $49
    80,000 minutes $56

    total minutes all my account 80.000++ minutes

    i will give you all username and password all my account in hitleap..
    if you want all password email i can give you to..

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