Sell my product and get paid $100 everyweek

Sell my product and get paid $100 everyweek

I have just 5 products to sell at a very cheap price. These product are very competitive and HIGHLY converting in market these days. You only need to sell for me and make your money every week


I want a specialist or a newbie that has a list and can get people to buy products. Sales is my Want!

Skills Required


im a member of some fb groups for trading, i can promote your product to around 700k+ members on fb and my twitter followers. btw what's your price and is it fixed weekly?

i have lost lists of contacts and can sell the products for you.

i can do it, but what are the products?

i can definitely do this but i need a little info first on what exactley you want me to do

dear sir,
i will list your items in ebay and sell them over there..
send more details,

i have real visitor channels of people with disposable income, from fb, pinterest, twitter, youtube, etc. these are all people who buy things regularly. i could easily promote your product depending on what it is (like viagra or sex pills wont do well with my audience for example). otherwise i can guarantee sales and lots of traffic.

hi , i will advertise and sell your product.

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