Programming and development Project

Programming and development Project

Hello, I already have my radio application, what I'm looking for and know if you offer, if possible, you can get an excellent database of the world's radios with their frequencies, the name, the png (logo of the radio), etc. and above all things the streaming url of the radio. Do you know how I can get that?.

I need the country and state. I need the database for radios url stream, png, FM or am, frequency, description, etc If you can give me this information my budget is good but talk tomorrow and tell me how we make this. I want the radio station for put in my app

I need, name of the radio, Acronyms of the radio (it would be the abbreviation of the radio, usually only happens in the United States this part) PNG, you MUST put a short name to the name of the png (radio logo) and add it to the excel with the same name that you saved the image, digital section if the radio is digital, put your frequency if it is not digital leave blank space, web this section is if the radio is online or not if it does not leave the blank, in format put the genre of the radio (pop, rock, metal, etc) url the most important part the URL stream of the radio the radio player link (you already know to work in my application), and finally the description Of the radio. If you can give me this information, let's work together and do good business.


Hello are you capable of upgrading and adding features to a blockchain ios app

We have a blockchain application similar to we chat we want to update the UI and add a smart contract based betting feature In a hub section and also make it accessible through the built-in messenger. where a big credible far what I know is we want a new UI/UX implanted, implement ads, add new smart contract based betting feature where we will take a small percentage of winnings, and change login from text confirmation to just email. have you taken a look at the app its available in android store and apple store

just ios for now if we like results we will contract you for more work

I'm giving whomever the freedom to add those features and add other great features that will integrate with the layout of the application if your a great developer prove to us and deliver improvements better then we expected

we aren't shy of paying if we are working with great creative developers

we are building a WeChat like the application but on the blockchain using digital currencies using a central wallet the features are creative implementations of smart contracts and other blockchain features integrated around a messenger to let users communicate and initiate contracts with other users more easily



First Message Me All The Details Will Be Provide.


Skills Required

Programmer Development Designer


i can create your radio app. i have a library in my apps which automatically fetch the radion icon, cover and it's frequency and we just have to add the url. i can send you my source code if you want and can edit it by yourself. thanks

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