Existign Website Debugging

Existign Website Debugging

Our website ( faces a problem. Whenever clicking a product, instead of opening the product window - it opens and immediate closes. Apparently it is due to hacking which creates a wrong URL upon clicking a product. The problem is showing on all gallery pages throughout the website.


We need to solve this issue, having the system open the product page as it was before, allowing users to buy online. Once a product is clicked, it should load, slide the same page up to show the actual product and have an X - when clicked, the user gets back to the product gallery page.

Skills Required

Programmer Professional


resolve all hacking issues
i have resolve many of them and i am expert on web development

dear advertiser,
greetings from mdanwarhc.

i checked your opencart backed shopping site and found the site almost inactive due to code corruption and threat. further evaluation will be done after order confirmation. i will take 3-5 days to complete the job as your entire site is in trouble.

if you are agreeing to hire me, please keep in

i can solve this problem, with design
so order me

i am experienced in post production bug fixing on web application as you can see my profile is related to bug fixing.
additionally i'm good developer of angularjs as i can see your's application fornt end is developed in angularjs. i can trace error, but it will take little time.

please feel free to contact me anytime.

have a wonderful day.

i shall check the website thoroughly and will fix the debug by any policy and i shall take maximum 15 days.


this links are 100% friendly with google panda or penguin updates. i do my best to help you to gain a better position in google search engine of your site.

i will do this work just in 7 days and debug all errorrs in your existing website

i will do this work just in 7 days and debug all errorrs in your existing website

fix your website error
check my service >>

hi sir !

i am based in paris, france and i am working in a it firm who creates websites. we are expert on fixing all the issues and what i can see is that you have a problem with the security on your website.
you need to re structure all the security it will solve this problem for sure. i can make you a special price if you order me (20% discou

i will solve your website all problem.
please order me..

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