Game Plugin for WordPress

Game Plugin for WordPress

1) registration process (basic i want to handle with with a wp plugin = already installed in the site)
2) generate random code for each games (Before a user can play, he needs to type in a code (6character- that is been sent to him by sms shortcodes) )
3) The gaming consist of a form with text field (where user should type a given text)
- text can be added by admin (from admin area)
--> admin creates games
(and games consist of = text and a text box where users types in the text and a counter to time the user,
and something to check text accurracy after user has clicked submit)
4) means to publish top 10 winners automatically (leaders board) for each game
winners are based on 100% accuracy and Time frame (only 100% accuracy is elligible to win) - so basically, when accuracy is 100% the winners are screened based
on time spent to type the text
5) admin will create three games each week (and each game becomes accessible only at a particular date of the month) = each 1st, 8th and 15th of the month ()
so that's what is needed (if you can help me with this) i will be very grateful


1) You need to Have Time to get started right away
2) You need to know php, mysql and Wordpress
3) need to Be cooperative

I am Flexible, and want a long term relationship on this...

Skills Required

Mysql Php Wordpress Plugin


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