Social Media SEO Content Course Management Style REVamp

Social Media SEO Content Course Management Style REVamp

Are you trustworthy?
Literate , use spell-check, proofreads?
Can handle Educational Course for Entrepreneurs regarding topics related to Social Media and Search Engine Optimization Management, web traffic, ?

Site in need of content XN Market (XO Network Marketing

Course is Free to students referred to me on how to enhance they social media business acct and website seo, sem, smm, smo skills. I have e-books and sites for most of content, articles, and images, however, NO TIME. I would like content added 'you credited' for your work, add video tutorials and a blog for explaining course, no plagarism 'give credits-add links to originators, should be ENGAGING and ACTIVE course, this way I can slowly add my content in the back without losing time or info for mentees. In process of converting e-books to course during free time.
I have not created a main page yet as it will be for customization ,

  • Already have a course software installed Dokeos (given access to panel)
  • Wordpress blog on subdomain just post 150-300 words on howTo and link to course you created on site
  • pages should offer insight on growth for business purposes not personal students are startup entrepreneurs.
  • My content will come from my old site and others, focus only on what YOU KNOW,
  • Bid price is set amount for every 3 mini courses



  1. Make course site look more presentable
  2. Create 1 engaging course content for 3 categories Web, Social Media (youtube, facebook, twitter, other) Example a mini course content on how to make a facebook shop or youtube course on creating a channel .with a video embed for reference (youtube) or screenshots step by step
  3. blog article reference for each course created.
  4. thumbnail/image/screenshot for blog/social media posting (optional) watermark in corner permitted
  5. If this is done correctly will pay the bid amount for every 3 courses.
  6. A course should have (1 intro describing how it helps a business, website, social media account, etc, 2. the per-requiste/requirements, 3. how to create , 4 how to improve performance, 5. how to manage, 6. confirming activity, 7. other tools or next course for advanced )
This is a new domain , already Alexa ranked, clients currently go to another site which is private access. This will be full access to public. Fresh content is the goal, course private recipients require a form completed for grants and benefits . Must maintain professional appearance, keep words and steps direct, refer to other (links)guides to skip steps. Website reviewed before full launch, still designing splash/landing page.

Skills Required

Blog Contentwriting Content


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