Game Star Stable to higher level

Game Star Stable to higher level

Hi, my daughter is 16 years of age, partly mentally disabled and her favorite online game is a horse-game called Star Stable. She is now a level 6 (lifetime) player for over 6 months and because she doesn't make any progress (she can't read and do all the assignments) she's a little stuck. It means she can't visit some places because you need to be a level 12. Who of you wants to take over her account and play the game until she is a level 12 player (or higher). It's a nice game for female players..
I must trust you to not sell her account info and you can't cheat because she would get expelled from the game and that would be devastating for her. Please understand!


No special requirements, just play the game, do as much as needed to get to level 12 or above... and have fun!

Skills Required

Gameplay Horsegame


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