Blast Quantity Blacklinks

Blast Quantity Blacklinks

Total 200,000 backlinks from diversified submissions.

Several URLs (deeplinks on ONE domain) - several keywords (all can be used for all urls)

DIVERSIFIED: web 2.0 pages, blog guest "posts", article directories, wiki contextual, (10 to 15%) profile, and (10 to 15%) blog comments, submitted, pinged and indexed. Yes, it's a total of 200k backlinks for home & garden niche site


Does not need to be high quality, but need to be DIVERSIFIED, and confirmed QUANTITY.

Pay attention: (10 to 15% only for blog comments.

Need report when job is done.

Have done it myself but have no more time

Will start with one. If it works out, will go up to 10 per month. Have gotten offers for $30 with reports within 7 days - but need it faster.

Skills Required

seonuke scrapebox xrumer proxies blackhat backlinks


tier one web 2.0 , article directories , wiki sites
tier 2 blog comments and profiles

tier one links 50000
tier 2 links blog comments 100000 and profiles 50000

hope you like this

Created 8 years ago in Link Development

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