My Life as an Individual Sharing experiences, thoughts, discovery and ideas is what I always delighted to do. That s why this book has been made to unlock and share my life s great experience as a man and a son of God. It all started when I got my first breath as a human. I am the eldest of four siblings. My dear parents raise me well with love and care with pride and God fearing. My dad was an OFW and my mother was a Medical Staff Midwife in a well known hospital. That time they are renting a one bedroom typical small house. As a result of this they must work hard for their family s future which including me as the eldest. At the age of 3, I can say that I became such an independent person, for I am with no one but only me. Because my dad was an OFW I can only win his embrace and care every 2 years after his contract. That s why my mother is the one who take care of me. But because of my mother s job she needs to leave me in our house for more than eight hours of her daily job shift. Before she left me she always gives me safety, prayers and instructions inside our house including the electrical outlets and other safety precautions. She also left foods in our refrigerator for me to eat when I m hungry. These times of being alone makes me strong, for because it s never a joke to anyone at the age of 3 to live, by myself alone with just instructions of safety and prayers left in my mind. The times I am alone I just play our electric keyboard and playing my pencil and papers to draw, draw, and draw, until I dropped sleep in the bed. I am thankful that I became independent that time because it became my foundation to be what I am now. When I reached the age of 5 it was the time when my father and my mom decided to build our own house. My father finished his contract in his work resulting for him waiting for another offer. That was a trialed moment for our family. In that time I realized that building a family and home is not easy as a play it must have a plan, dedication and sacrifice. For that time we experiences hunger and trials because of my father and mother s dream to have our own house. Budget and belt tighten must do to fulfill everyday s personal and family needs. At that age I can definitely say I have experienced being alone and independent, I also witness how life s worth and what must be tackled for life s survival. And that time I realized that survival is not for the fittest but for the one who s well self motivated. I always remember what my mother said that wisdom is the greatest and precious treasure that man can ever have. No matter what your status in life, your way of life and beliefs in life, if you have the wisdom you can move a mountain. This wisdom is from our Creator who continues to provide us with what we need. Because of this motivation I became a young entrepreneur at my young ages. At the age of 6 I learned to be a vendor of vegetables, early in the morning around 3 am with my father we harvest and prepared vegetables in our backyard and get our spot in the market we got a spot one for me and one for my father, with prayers in our hearts as our food and strength, amazingly we always make our vegetables sold out and at exactly 6:30 a.m. I rush going to my elementary school to smile for what I ve accomplished for that day and excited for the next day for another sold out market talks and products. At school I continued to become an entrepreneur for I draw and make hand crafted items for money, I paint and make sketches for money. My mentors and teachers witness my skill as an entrepreneur and an artist for this reason they trained and coach me well for competitions and contest both industry and for visual spatial. Which had earned me recognitions and awards. As I graduated in elementary days, my journey never ends there, it was just the start. In my secondary days and college days it was my time to continue my entrepreneurial struggle while being a student, early in the morning I sell breads in our neighborhood, to earn some money for my projects and school needs. In school I accept art, lettering and drawing jobs for me to support my school needs for we are 4 in school my 2 sisters and my brother and I see that it s a little bit hard for my parents to support us all. That s why I toil to make way to help them. I accepted art jobs and also be always updated of arts contest and competitions for the hope to bring the cash, trophy and bacon at home to make my family proud of me at the same time give my hard earned help to support our everyday needs. With my little savings in my pocket at the age of 16 I ve decided to start a business that I know can help myself and my family. I ve chosen the Arts and Multimedia Business as my starting step to my financial independence. Everything became great and successful till I reached the age of 20 everything just became fine I ve already made a name for what I always do and start my second business the computer shop and repair business. I ve become well known in our place as an artist and techki guy for I have served clients with a smile in my heart. Although as what we always knew problems and trials is always around. The swing of the pendulum is not always up. Like other entrepreneurs and businesses experienced. I also experienced the trials and discouragement. Sometimes I almost fall down to the ground as when the pendulum is going down. But I am always holding on and think of the best solution to the issue and I never ever turn my back to the problems I ve faced it with God beside me and learned the right thing. By trials and problems are just things that can make you stronger. I ve learned that I must think smart and get wisdom to survive the swing of the pendulum. I ve learned also that in business there is no such sure business unless that business is the one who freely put the money in your pocket. And the ultimate time that I ve learned is how to know the secrets of life and pick my first gold bar to success with God beside me. That s why every time I ve encountered problems and trials in the business field I am not discouraged. But it serves as a responding wave of success to my entrepreneurial learning and self exposure to the business and financial world. Now as a successful person I am glad that I ve already known and learned the secrets being a wealthy person not only in money but in all aspects of life. Learn the Universal Laws being a humble person and self motivated person is what I practice in my life and sharing is what I can give back for all the blessings I ve received every day. I wish to share through this book some of the lessons and secrets I ve learned and practiced to achieve such a wonderful, healthy and happy life with God as my guide and prayers. And share how I did pick my first bar of gold and help you to pick your first bar of gold too, because every each one of us has given the chance to pick that gold. You are already provided with all the things you need. What you only need to do is pick it because it s Yours.