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How do you buy your stuff? Do you indulge in the convenience of online shops or are you too meticulous that you raid as much shops in the mall/market to shop?

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    esthrala Level 1
  • 60 4 years ago

    So, I want to promote my business on social media so that all people can buy some things from my business company. Now, I am looking to promote my business. Should I choose Facebook or Instagram?

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    NikSuks Level 1
  • 51 4 years ago

    What Is Your 2019 New Year Resolution.. When It Comes To Your Online Money Making Efforts??

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    KiokoMedia Level 1
  • 52 4 years ago

    During the holidays I would withdraw some spending money and leave the rest in the bank. If I need to buy something in the mall or supermarket I would just use my ATM debit card. Using a card to pay for things is saf...

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    Kakashi2020 Level 1
  • 71 4 years ago