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Block Users Many users have asked for the ability to block spam messages or to prevent certain users from messaging and ordering from them. We have now enabled this feature for you. Now, going to the user inbox, you can...

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    noobroaster Level X5
  • 6 4 months ago

    The surface web is only about 4% of the total, surface web contain google,Wikipedia,bing and all other sites we visit daily. The other 96% belong to deep web. The "dark web" is the encrypted network that exists betwee...

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    N0VA Level 2
  • 7 5 years ago

    Nowadays most of all softwares and apps offer two types of theme, light mode and dark mode. Being able to choose between two themes , makes app look more professional and more preferable by people I think. Personally I u...

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    IntoTheLight Level 1
  • 9 6 years ago