How to increase your SEOClerks affiliate earnings?

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How to increase your SEOClerks affiliate earnings?

If you are wondering why you should become a SEOCerks affiliate, check out this discussion. Today, we shall discuss how to maximise your affiliates earnings on SEOClerks. Unfortunately, you cannot affect the number of orders others make. Therefore, increasing the number of people you refer is the only way to increase your earnings. Here are some useful tips:

  • $5 Coupon: SEO Clerks provides affiliates with $5 coupons for people they refer. When you refer people, you can generate them a coupon that they can use on services. Straight away, you have already earned $0.5. Yes, that is not that much but if you refer 10 people, you would get $5 before they even spent anything. Offering people free money to spend on services is a very good incentive for them to join under your referral. For more information about how to set this up, read this announcement.
  • Advertise on forums: Advertising on forums is a good idea and according to SEOClerks forum has the highest conversion rates. Make sure you focus on forums that allow you to advertise in your signature and if they have a section to advertise your affiliate link, that would be even better. Try to go for webmaster, admin and internet marketing forums because these members are more likely to be interested in SEOClerks.
  • Social Media: Social media is another good way to get affiliates. However, make sure you don’t post your link everywhere as that is considered as spam. Only post your link when there is related discussion on social media pages. For example, you may want to suggest SEOClerks (with your affiliate link) to others when there is a discussion about SEO.

Using the $5 coupon in conjunction with advertising on forums and social media websites will definitely help increase the number of people who join under your affiliate link.

What are other ways that can increase your affiliate earnings?


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SEOClerks Affiliate Program is outstanding and I'm an active affiliate myself with more than 1,100 affiliates. Most of them comes from different forums. Forums has always been important for me and I've been an active member of several forums during the years I've been a freelancer. Probably 40 different ones or so. With that being said, both twitter and facebook have been bringing me affiliates too. One thing I've noticed is that the "WTB" sections in various forums is a superb way to gain affiliates from. Just make sure that you're allowed to post your affiliate ID within the sections before you start posting links. This is a perfect way to both build reputation on the specific forum you're using but also to gain affiliates. Just reply to any "Want-to-buy" post with a related service from SEOClerks and make sure you include your Affiliate ID within the service url. It's easy and it works!

You could also use a SEOClerks Affiliate Store for instance. How to make money with an affiliate store is explained in detail here. Doing things like this would require you to advertise your own website to bring traffic.

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The $5 coupon is an amazing incentive for people to sign up under you / through you to SEOClerks if they're looking for some kind of SEO service because they can use that to put towards any services they want to buy. Or just one service, there are some excellent services here for $5 only that can help you in some way or another. But it's a great incentive and can be used as an angle to get people to signup.

Some of the methods you've used to promote SEOClerks services on are one of the most effective for sure and do have the highest conversion rates on forums where people are actually asking for something and you're providing them a possible easy solution to get that as opposed to places where you only submit the post first and then wait for people to see it and visit/register buy if they want it. That's why forums do have a good conversion rate for that and if you've got an established profile on the top ones in this sort of niche it can pay off as you'll have more trust and command more respect from them and it makes it easier to promote services that SEOClerks offers.

Plus there are so many different services that are for sale here, there are going to be big forums out there for virtually every category of service that SEOClerks has in the marketplace. From SEO to web design, IT, audio, music video production, coding, servers etc etc etc so you can always find forums in those niches and establish yourself as an authority in your niche market upon them. It doesn't happen overnight and can take some time but it can be worth it in the long run as hitmeasap has said and shown. That said even new profiles on those places can engage in thread conversations and post replies with links in them if it's to a helpful resource that the OP is asking for. Just know and follow the rules of each and post regularly on them or as much as you can to build up that respect which will help a lot! ;)

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Hi all are excellent tips above by MasterA, hitmeasap, idealmike. SEOclerks really offering an amazing program by affiliate for promoting your business for passive income. And they give all affiliates seriously good amount of percentage like 10% for life time. You never see such opportunity by other such marketplace. All are mostly offering affiliation for few month or year. But SEOclerks only one of the best marketplace who offering such excellent percentage. 10% from your affiliate member by purchasing any figure of service.

So, why you do not join with SEOclerks affiliate program?

Yes SEOclerks offering $5 coupon code for bringing any new affiliate. This offer really working amazing. Most of the affiliates offering to the client with such great offer by SEOclerks like $5 coupon code. And client can spend such free amount to purchase any service on this platform just after sing in.

And another great Idea I should say creating affiliate store. Here many affiliates working such way. Create affiliate store on his own domain and offer to other to purchase services. And I have also some affiliate store.

Seoclerks provide so many nice banner by HTML and BBCode and you can promote it by other popular website to bring affiliate member.

And social promotion another great way to bringing new affiliates. Few years before I was working for such promotion to bring new affiliate members and that was working very effectively and still I am working on some specific social platform to promote by affiliate code.

And forum should be great to promote your affiliate code. I also working on several forum out here. And it is really very effective way to promote your affiliate.

And you can use paid promotion on Facebook or Google. This should be give you best result for long.

Thanks by ajlancer

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Promoting your affiliate link is something that is really advantageous when considering that you can make money for life. The $5 coupon is a great idea and we can make good use of it, especially as a way to convince people who may need just a little extra push to sign up. SeoClerks offers a good number of banners too and these can be used on one's blog or site. Posting on forums is probably the best way to get more affiliates to sign up under you. There are hundreds of forums one can choose from, however as already pointed out above it is important to make sure to abide by their rules when it comes to posting your affiliate link. Using social media platforms is another good option, although you should not just paste your affiliate link anywhere and everywhere as this is not allowed. You could try to invite people who might be asking on your service or for something related to send you a message, and you can then provide them with the link privately. In reality there are thousands of people who are looking for a site as great as this and have not found it yet. So let's find them! ;)

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