How To Add A Secondary Password To Your Account?

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How To Add A Secondary Password To Your Account?

As you should already be aware of changing passwords is always good for increased security and account protection but adding a secondary password is another excellent option to add an additional layer of security and doing so will protect your account from being compromised.

Here's what you should do if you want to add a secondary password to your account.

First of all you'll need to go to your settings.

You will now see this page:
How To Add A Secondary Password To Your Account?
This is very easy, yet extremely effective. Just enter your current password (the password you enter when you login to your SEOClerks account), and after that, enter the new secondary password you would like to use in both columns. Press "Set" and your new secondary password will be added immediately.

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Hi ?hitmeasap thanks for your great tutorial. It should be helpful to new user who do not know how to set secondary password. Secondary password very importance for security concern. So, every user should active secondery password for more secure of his account. And your particle example should help them.

Thanks by ajlancer

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