How to find best services or sellers on Seoclerks?

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How to find best services or sellers on Seoclerks?

Seoclerks website featuring really good advanced technologies and when it comes to browsing marketplace for best services or best sellers then i recommend using filters which can help you a lot in choosing what you need, so here is a quick demonstration.

Filtering best services:
How to find best services or sellers on Seoclerks?
By choosing filter options to filter services, here is what you can do with available choice:

  1. Filter by date (last added or bumped)
  2. Filter by number of views (visits)
  3. Filter by rating
  4. Filter by price
  5. Filter by likes (number of bookmarks)
  6. Filter by total orders (number of sales)
  7. Filter by guaranteed only

This options can help you to find quality or cheap services. Filters also can be used in search results page so you can narrow down services you need even easier. Once you click on one of filter(s) page will refresh then you can simply look trough the list where you see price, number of positive and negative reviews, then you can decide what to buy.

Filtering best sellers (freelancers):
How to find best services or sellers on Seoclerks?
For filtering best freelancers, you need to go here: and use filters from above image to filter members by following options:
  1. Filter by user level
  2. Filter by number of positive ratings
  3. Filter by number of recommendations
  4. Filter by average response time

Please note that user levels are from 1 to 5 where level 1 is new seller, and there is also elite (advanced) members Level X3 to Level X5. More about this levels can be found here.
I hope this will give you enough ideas how to choose what you really need.

Good luck


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Very good and detailed "How To" regarding the Filters on SEOClerks Marketplace. I am a frequent user of "Filter by price" and also the "Filter by total orders (number of sales)" option. These filters make it extremely easy to find exactly what you're looking for. No matter if you're looking for the cheapest services, the most expensive ones, the ones with guarantees or anything else you're interested in. Good job on this anwebservices and thank you!

Best Regards,

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Hey that's great Anweb, should surely help people make better decisions on which service is best for them to buy. How to find best services or sellers on Seoclerks?

Here's another filter tip I've learned in my time here.

You can actually use 2 or 3 filters together at the same time too. So if you want to filter by top rated only you would use ?s=r at the end of the URL. However if you wanted to filter by top rated AND cheapest gigs, you can put ?s=r and s=c at the end (or s=cz to view the most expensive gigs).

So would show you the cheapest and top rated gigs together.
And will show you the most expensive but top rated gigs together too.

You can do this in other ways as well. Example, maybe you want to view the most newest gigs on the site with the most views
For that you'd use
Or maybe you want to view all the latest gigs but by most likes.
For that you would use

There are lots of ways you can play around with these filters. And I've used them to help me find and identify the best service to buy on many occasions. Here's a filter list for what each is for;

  • ?s=d = Date - So you can sort by most recent or oldest.
  • ?s=p = Views - To view the gigs by most amount of views.
  • ?s=r = Rating - To view the top rated gigs.
  • ?s=c Price - To view the most expensive gigs.
  • ?s=bm = Bookmarks/Likes - To view the gigs that got the most bookmarks/likes.
  • ?s=t = Total Orders - To view the gigs ordered the most.
  • ?s=g = Guaranteed - To view gigs that are guaranteed.

And you can reverse them all as well by adding a z to them so ?s=dz would show you the oldest gigs and ?s=pz to see gigs with the least views and ?s=rz to see gigs with the least ratings and so on and so on. As an example, let's say I wanted to see all the gigs that have the most amount of bookmarks/likes, but the least amount of views (the gigs that get liked at a lot but not purchased much).

You would use;t=20&s=bmz

This will help you to find gigs that are perfect for what you're looking for.

Hope it helps!

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Awesome addition to my tutorial, thank you! I knew about these, but it involves manual rewriting URL address so i didn't want to confuse readers. Well you added links as demo and available URL extensions so it is great.

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Welcome! Yes that is the one thing about it involving rewriting the URL with copy/paste job. What would be good would be if those were checkboxes as well so you could tick any you want to search by/with instead/as well. It's all about finding things faster and making more accurate finds depending on your mood, your expectations and your budget. That way people could sift through them dependingly. A shuffle option would be good too! And a staff picks filter too maybe that could be good but I'm just spit balling here. ;)

But I'm sure that could be added in time if admin see fit for it and there was enough/demand/request for it. Or just because they can. I'll have to post it as a suggestion and see what kind response it gets from people as an idea/feature but obviously they are working on some fairly big things right now first so stuff like that could come after I expect. I think it would be a cool feature though.

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Hi anwebservices you have putted very effective tutorial for buyer. It will help them very much to find out best services or seller. Specially for new buyer. Because most of the new buyers does not know how to filter best service or seller searching by user level, number of positive rating, highest selling service etc. For getting best seller or service. Your tutorial should help them.
And I do not recommended to search good seller and service this ways always. Because such ways most of the new seller should be loser.
Rather, I should recommend to any buyer please search any service by categories basis, what really do you want. And read the service description very carefully and if you have any hesitation please ask to seller, will he able to fill such requirements, which you are really wants. And you can ask to him for sample of previous work, if he has do. Mass rating always, not to be indicator of good seller. As a buyer you have to capability to understand what are you searching exactly. And even cheap rate any way do not indicator for best price. I think you have to seek quality of work rather cheap rate. For example, some new seller for getting sale, they try decrease price without maintaining quality.

And I should say you can check your selected seller last some feedback and recommendation it should be helpful to finding good seller for that specific service.
Thanks by Ajlancer

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Very well explained. Once you filter by ratings, number of total orders, and bookmarks / likes, you can see some of the top sellers. Obviously filters are good indicators to choose trusted sellers, however one should also check other details which can be found on the seller's profile, such as the seller rating, the level one has, and the response time. Here one can also see recommendations that other buyers may have posted. I find these to be very helpful and a good gauging of what a seller really is. There is nothing better than to see what others who already ordered from him or her have to say. However the filters is the best starting point to filter the top sellers. The other indicators I mentioned I just ulterior steps that I personally find very handy.

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