What are the advantages and disadvantages of Wordpress

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Wordpress

Wordpress is a very powerful software; most people know it as a blogging software but you can create more than just a blog with it. Here are some advantages of Wordpress:

  • User friendly: The software is very user friendly; it is very easy to install the software and make customisations via the admin panel without knowing any programming languages. Downloading plugins is even easier; everything can be done via the admin panel by searching for the plugin and pressing install.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Wordpress
  • Flexible and lots of features: Not only can you create a blog using Wordpress but you can also create a personal website using the built in page manager. There are over 40,000 plugins including arcade and ecommerce plugins so you can create a gaming website or an online shop without needing to know any coding.
  • SEO Friendly: The software is SEO friendly giving you best head start for rankings and if that is not enough, there are many SEO plugins to help you go a step further.
  • FREE: The software is totally free and plugins are also mostly free which means you can create great websites without the price tag.

A disadvantage is that the website can be a bit slow if you have too many plugins.

What are other advantages and disadvantages of WordPress?


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I absolutely love wordpress What are the advantages and disadvantages of Wordpress

When I started out working online I didn't know about it and thought all there was to do in order to get a website up and running was to pay a designer or code it yourself. Boy was I wrong and regretful when I learned about wordpress What are the advantages and disadvantages of Wordpress

The free themes you can use to upload aren't always the greatest, but you can use them as a stepping stone. What do I mean by that? You can upload the free theme and edit almost anything you want from the colors to the images. Add your custom logo along with some images that identify your website better and you're in business What are the advantages and disadvantages of Wordpress

Features I Like

Use Almost Anywhere:
What I mean by this is that you can pretty much use wordpress on any type of hosting you set up. There's usually a one click install within your hosting cpanel/dashboard and all you do is have to set a file name and install. It's extremely easy and I would suggest that anyone who doesn't know how to do it, go play around with it a little bit.

The Themes:
There are so many great themes out there for Wordpress. When I'm looking for a theme I tend to search through the paid themes since you will get many more features. The unique features within the paid themes can be anything from custom plugins to a custom back end that allows you to easily edit your pages like you were inside the HTML or PHP code adding lines yourself. You can get bare bone themes or themes that give you all the images, content, and pages pre made. Now with the pre loaded themes you will have to go through them and edit the content and a few images in order to be seen as unique in the eyes of Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

If there is a feature you want to add to your website, well there's probably a plugin for exactly what you need. You can find the most basic contact us form plugins that show a contact us page wherever you'd like on your website to the most advanced plugins that can make show an advanced slider with php functions that would take you a couple weeks to program. After you install some of the advanced plugins and set them up to your liking, your friends will be asking you who designed your website. It's always an amazing feeling when you say "I made my website!" What are the advantages and disadvantages of Wordpress

Wordpress is extremely diverse since it can be used on almost any hosting company and the amount of themes are insane. There are probably a few thousand new wordpress themes getting designed every week and being sold or given away as a free template. Wordpress uses what are called plugins and these are basically small snippets of code that you can install on your dashboard and use a short code to install anywhere you want on your pages.

Saves Me Money:
Wordpress saves me sooooo much money each year. Why does it save me money? Because instead of paying $1,000 to $3,000 for a custom design and programming I will buy a premium theme that is pretty much a finished website. All I have to do is tweak the pages to how I want them and make them niche specific if needed. Some of the premium themes are even niche specific so I don't have to worry about too much customization roughly 70% of the time What are the advantages and disadvantages of Wordpress Since I save so much money by not paying a designer and programmer I can upgrade from a shared hosting account to a bigger server. I never opt for a big dedicated server right off bat since you never know if your new website is going to be popular. And you can always upgrade your server down the road if you need to What are the advantages and disadvantages of Wordpress

Design And Sell Themes:
If you're a designer/programmer you can set up your own themes and sell them. Of course the more complicated themes will probably need a team of people working on them but that shouldn't stop you from trying it out if you have the skills. You can easily sell your themes for $37 to $67 and even more on some theme platforms. Some of the more popular themes that are pretty much an all in one website with images and content are sold for $67 but make 1,000+ sales. I would love to have an additional $67,000 in my bank account but I'm not the best designer/programmer lol. The only downside about selling your own themes is that you have to keep updating them so they work with every version of wordpress when they do an update on their system. Wordpress isn't too happy with it's theme designers if they don't offer updates so their themes work with newer versions of wordpress.

In conclusion:
I'm so glad I found wordpress shortly after I started. If I didn't figure out how to set up a wordpress website myself with a free or paid theme, I'd still be sitting behind my laptop figuring out how I'm going to pay a designer to do all the work I need done. I wouldn't be able to afford the price tag of a new design every time I had an idea for a new site. Wordpress is an amazing thing and everyone should at least try it out before they go down the road of paying a designer and/or programmer to do the work. Go buy a premium theme that is basically turn key and take a week or two to configure it to your liking. Even if you don't like the end result, you can still save money by paying a programmer to edit your premium wordpress theme to how you want it to look and function.

User friendly + Thousands of themes + Tons of plugins + Host anywhere = You're a happy camper!



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WordPress is not actually software What are the advantages and disadvantages of Wordpress It's CMS (content management system) platform which is used to build your blog / website. I am using WordPress for many years and after so long experience in using it, i also started programming different plugins and themes for WordPress, like i have some listed for sale in my store. I tried many other platforms before that, and none made me so comfortable to work like WordPress. It have enormous amount of advantages and can be used for almost everything you need to run as your blog, web store etc...

As you said that disadvantage is that it can be slow if you have too many plugins, but from my opinion it's not the case, you just need to find good or better plugins to work with. Still if it's slow for any reason, i would recommend using WP Super Catch plugin which will increase speed of your WordPress website very much.

I can't really think of any disadvantage because there is so many free plugins that you can beat any disadvantage you can bump on. Just use search or advice from someone and all can be solved with WordPress What are the advantages and disadvantages of Wordpress

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Wordpress is the most popular and powerful software on internet. Specially many people using this free software for blogging and ecommerce site.
Below I will try to show some advantages and disadvantages for wordpress software:
>No need to special programming knowledge. You do not need to understand how to program to have a professional-looking website and most of the hosting company included in their package an one click install option.
> WordPress has a series of ready-made themes which are essentially design templates
> You have possibility to install any plugins, tools, which expand what your website can do without the need to code yourself
> Wordpress is an open for everyone any one can install free theme and plugins which available on wordpress website.
> Wordpress fully free for user. It is the one of the best cheapest and easy way to create website
> You can make content very easily without know too much knowledge
> Wordpress always SEO friendly

> As security concern wordpress provides less security itself. Hacker can hacked easily compare with other script of software
> As the software is open source, it’s relatively easy for people to search for, find, and exploit weakness. Plugins can also be risky
> Spammer can spam easily, especially in blog site
> A common problem with Content Management Systems such as WordPress is the creation of duplicate content
> Always malware virus can attract easily. It is meaning less security itself. And you have to make backup each day, which may annoying you

Thanks by Ajlancer

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WordPress has more pros than cons for sure. I agree with the advantages you listed as it is in fact very easy to use, and it offers lots of themes for one to choose from. There is a good choice when it comes to plugins as well. There are millions of websites that run on WordPress and a good number of them are being hosted for free. So considering all this I must say that WordPress is simply the best.

It is great for customization and for simple websites, daily blogs and similar sites there is no doubt that it is the obvious choice.

The easy to use interface requires minimal skills and a site can be set up within the hour!

I agree that all in all it is great, although a bit more security and support would be beneficial.

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