How soon will my website begin ranking after search engine optimization?

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How soon will my website begin ranking after search engine optimization?

As an outsource contractor I have a huge question day after day, how long will it take me to get ranked number one for my targeted keywords?

All skilled webmasters and SEO Experts want to know the fastest way to rank in Google search and other search engines.

And, most SEO Professionals agree that it can take many months to rank a site, even three to six months at minimum and up to a year in other cases with more popular keywords.

After that time, your results or standing in search might taper off so that you either plateau or start to slide in results.

But it's the reality. What will it depend upon?

The speed at which you rank for keywords will depend upon how long your web site has been around; how much SEO has been performed on your website previously;, what form the web site is in; how much content and other relevant factors.

What is your opinion as to how long it will take to rank a website after search engine optimization.

Is there any correct answer?


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Since it depends on too many factors and specially on Google (and other search engines) algorithms, but also on competition, it's almost unpredictable and very hard to answer if you want to be absolutely fair. However here is much more detailed answer to this very similar topic.
Also you can read this tutorial: How to rank high in Google fast for more info.

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In short there is no specific number of days, weeks or months that anyone can realistically tell you. This is simply because as you've noted, there are just so many things to take into consideration. What works in 1 month for one website, might take 2 months for another. Even if that site has virtually the same amount of content and on-page SEO and same amount and type of backlinks too.

That said, changes are usually applied pretty quickly these days as Google is better and faster at working out where to rank a site after it has had a bunch of links built to it. But at the same time, it's also getting better at knowing what real link development is and what's been SEO'd too.

Age does indeed play a large part in website ranking. The premise being the older the site, the more presidency or preference it will be given in the SERPs. The same can be said for the age of the backlinks too in that older backlinks are more valuable than new backlinks.

Having said that, if you do quality SEO on your site, there is no reason it should take longer than 2 weeks for Google to recognize that and rank your site accordingly. In my experience anyway, I sometimes don't see an improvement until at least a week or so. But it really depends on what kind of SEO you do, how much is done and of course and this really goes without saying; the toughness of the competition of the keywords you're trying to rank for!

For really high competition stuff, you could do a lot of SEO and have great on-page SEO too but you might not budge an inch because of that competition. Plus for tough high competition keywords, those websites will be doing SEO all the time as well so even though you're doing it, they're doing it too on top of their already good rankings.

But it's not too hard to get a site ranking fairly quickly for low to medium competition things within a week or two if you do some good SEO on it. But good SEO is only as good as the person or firm doing it. But yeah, hope that helps! How soon will my website begin ranking after search engine optimization?

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Everybody wants to rise to the top as soon as possible. However there are so many things that come into play here, and as others pointed out it is impossible to give an exact answer. What happens to one site is not going to happen to another site. The keywords will have an effect, and so will the age of the site and the backlinks that there are, if any. SEO takes time and effort, and it is not going to make miracles with just a swish of a wand, unlike what many clients seem to think or expect! SEO needs to be supported with a proper online marketing strategy too. What your competitors are doing, or can do, is also going to affect you, and sometimes this is something that goes unnoticed, yet they are there to get those top positions too after all, and they are using a similar strategy to yours, and probabl the same keywords too!

To a certain extent the budget of the client may have an effect too, as if you have a client who is willing to spend thousands on a PPC campaign to supplement SEO, then this will help in page ranking for sure. However, is he going to be able to sustain this forever? Generally speaking no! So it is best to be realistic and wait a bit.

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When you optimize your website for search engine today, you will not get the desired results tomorrow. It will take months for search engines to pick up your website.
SEO is the only way to rank your website up and get organic traffic, however, SEO does not deliver results immediately.
One of the main things that a search engine consider while determining the quality of site is the domain age. If your domain is relatively new, search engine will overlook it. Secondly, search engines will also look for the content age, old contents are usually ranked higher.
After doing SEO, you cannot just sit back and relax, you have to continuously work and try to generate traffic through other medium. If you constantly send traffic to your website, search engines begin to get serious in your website.

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I have read several discussions where it said that the effect of SEO work cannot be determined regarding the time. After doing SEO work on the website, the effect can be seen after a few days or after a few weeks, a few months or even many months. It is because search engines have no fixed updating and that may be part of the secret of search engines to protect the algorithm. But for sure, the SEO work that you do on your website will bring good results sooner or later.

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