How to rank high in Google fast?

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How to rank high in Google fast?

Since i was watching this video, which makes sense to me, i learned one fast way to rank high in Google. Video also explain which pages on our websites need more attention to improve SEO.

Since in other cases it takes a lot of time and hard work to build quality website and get attention by Google search to rank high, i would like to know if there is more tactics you can share for fast improving SERP. Please share your experience!


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When I first started watching the video I thought that the speed was set to x2 since the guy talks so fast. I actually prefer that though as it frustrates me when people talk slow and do things slowly because I'm a fast learner. I'm like arrrhh come on just ge on with it!

Anyway, IMHO, it's all about research, research and more research. Doing your homework first. Doing due diligence and checking whether you can rank for something quite fast as opposed to doing things slowly and taking the time to get those good rankings.

In most cases, there is no short cut to ranking fast in Google for something without luck. I've launched sites in the past that have ranked high straight away just by the domain name. And I've launched sites with a good domain name that don't show up in the Top 10 at all without a lot of hard work (on-page SEO and off-page SEO).

What I do find works well is creating lots of good content around the keywords you want to target and rank for. That includes creating content pages that have synonyms of the keywords you're trying to rank for. Such as if you're trying to rank for "SEO Services Provider" you would create content based around that but with synonyms of those keywords like "SEO Services Supplier" or "SEO Services Worker".

I use an online thesaurus such as the concise oxford dictionary or even or even to come up with synonyms or antonyms of words to see what other words I can include in my content that are connected to or related to the main words I'm trying to rank for.

However if this is for a new site, I always start by adding a very high quality article that is at least 1000 words long. Sometimes much longer. Making sure to include my keywords I want to rank for in that article at least 4 or 5 times. And bolding some, underlining and italicizing others. Also splitting it into different sections and using H2, H3 and H4 tags. As well as including very large, very high quality images with it too. Also, I will invariably always add some high authority links to it linking out to those high authority sites that are connected to or related to my niche. These would be your social profiles and pages and any high authority sites that the user might find useful. I think this is quite an important step actually as Google can see that you're linking to those high authority sites of relevance and takes that into consideration for the searcher who might find them of use.

Then I will start by adding social signals to that article. Firstly by adding it to all your Social Network pages, Facebook Page, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc etc and then getting them shared and reshared lots. As well as adding social signals to that page such as likes, shares, +1's, tweets, pins etc etc etc. Basically adding a nice healthy amount to it before adding another article. Not so much too quickly that it looks forced though. It's all about staying under the radar!

This has been a winning strategy for me for the past few years now. You don't want Google thinking your site is a thin site. But at the same time, you don't want to over load your pages with tons of fluff either. And the content need to be unique, helpful, informative & evergreen. What I mean by that is that it will still apply and still be useful to a reader come 10 years time regardless to what may have changed.

The other nifty little method I use to rank a site fast is to get backlinks to it from Google owned sites. The first is which you can create a page on in the same way as you would your first site post/page. Making sure it has lot of good unique juicy content on it that is related to the terms you are ranking for. That includes your main keywords and once again synonyms of it. Make sure to use several unique high quality images and link directly to your sites homepage as well as one of the other internal pages and make sure you're linking to your social profiles as well and possibly even another high authority site in your niche to a source of something useful and related.

The other is Blogspot of course ( These are Google owned so its pretty fair to say that Google gives them a little more preference in the SERPs over other blogs. Example: blogs. Create a blog on them, add your first page with the same formula as above. Only add high quality unique content that is evergreen and informative and link out to your social profiles/pages in the post and to another high authority source for something that is related to the industry or keywords you're trying to rank for.

The next port of call is Google+ Communities ( You will want to start joining Google+ Communities in your niche. Some of these can have many thousands of users so by posting to them, you can send traffic to your new site from people that would like be interested in it and whatever services/products it has or sells. You will want to create posts on these Communities that link to your site. But you don't just want to create the link you actually need to add some content into them so that they have a better chance of being indexed and showing up in the SERPS. However that is not the main point so much as it is just to build these Google+ posts that link to your site.

The whole point is, to get as many Google owned sites as possible linking to your site from the start. As these are all Google owned sites, they are what you could consider "Google Friendly". Obviously you don't want to go OTT but this really seems to help for me.

Don't forget, there's also Google+ Pages and Profiles. Create a Google Page for your brand or niche and add content to it. Add your posts to it with unique content in the descriptions. And the same can be said for a Google+ Profile as well.

Basically, use Google to your advantage. How to rank high in Google fast?

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Pardon me if I didn’t watch the video because it is not my habit to waste time in watching. I prefer to read text which I can easily scan to get an idea of what it’s all about. With the video, I have to spend time and finish watching before I get the idea. And if it’s not worth my time then it’s just a big waste since I value my time. Anyway, my idea with that video is what we already know – quality contents, backlinks and keywords, promotions. Correct me if I’m wrong, no offense meant.

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@corzhens there is always room to learn just be open. You can always learn even if you listen to the same thing 100 times, every time you listen to it you hear it differently. I would challenge you to re-read a book or watch a movie again. That' why they are people who read certain books again and again. People also don't explain things the same way. Ironically the video is not what you think, it explains how to use Google Analytics to rank better not to rank.

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