Do You Use Flipboard and Is it Any Good for SEO / Traffic?

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Do You Use Flipboard and Is it Any Good for SEO / Traffic?

If anyone does any kind of SEO / Internet Marketing / Social Media Marketing (SMM) online today then they would have probably come across a site called Flipboard ( According to Wiki Flipboard is a social-network aggregation, magazine-format mobile app very similar to Pinterest.

Now normally, I'm one of the first to jump on a new site like this, because I know that having a big account later on when the site gets big can pay off big time. But due to not being in the same niches as I used to be and not having the same amount of time to invest on it, I haven't gotten round to using it yet and trying it out. Saying that, I did create an account on it for one of my sites and it let me add some images to it bookmark style, the same way as you would pin something to Pinterest basically.

But have you used it? Do you use it? How do you find it? Is it nice and easy to use? Does it send you any traffic? Have you received any sales from it? What do you know about this site that can be useful for SEOClerk users? Are you able to promote your SEOClerks gigs on it the same way as you can Pinterest for example?

I'd love to hear from you about Flipboard so if you have any experience with using this site or any feedback or can answer these questions do let us know! Do You Use Flipboard and Is it Any Good for SEO / Traffic?



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Flipboard is much like any other real magazine. For example, Time Magazine did not start out being the top dog in the industry. First issue: March 3, 1923. By the time I started reading TIME it was in the late 70s. It was of course by then, a well-known publication and I was a loyal subscriber. Flipboard gives you an incredible tool to publish an online magazine. But you have to do what it takes to increase the followers and make it popular. If you do that, then yes, it has potential.

My friend suggested it for sharing my blogs and articles. But there's a lot more you can do with it. I wasn't sure what to do with it, so I created one magazine that is like TIME. In other words, it covers general topics on whatever is interesting. Before I knew it, I created 3 more magazines: one with advice for work-at-home professionals; one for food lovers; and one for general healthcare topics.

If you have not used Flipboard, you have no excuse. It's super easy. If you don't like it, delete it! It's free to try it.

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Found this article the other day, so I'm adding on to this comment.
Hope it helps answer your question.

News Aggregator Flipboard Is a Secret Weapon for Mobile Traffic

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When you say mobile traffic what I have in mind is that the site is aimed to capture the mobile users. I think that is a good idea since mobile browsers have now dominated the internet and the number of mobile users is still growing by day. Maybe I will check Flipboard later to see what it has to offer and if I can learn something from it. Right now I have no website of my own yet.

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